Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 Days: Planning a Lunch Menu

Recently, I've tried to make breakfast time go smoother in our home. I planned out a weekly breakfast menu that doesn't change and have stuck to it for the past few weeks. It's been helpful to look at it the night before and get out what I need to be ready first thing in the morning. Breakfast time isn't as stressful anymore. Thank goodness!

Last week I wrote out a lunch menu that basically follows what I do at breakfast. I made a different meal for each day of the week and it doesn't change until I'm ready for it to change. I do adjust if I needed and don't have all the lunch items. I have a few other lunch ideas listed just in case.

Note: Nyla goes to KDO 2 times a week so I plan for her. Naomi still eats some pureed baby food so I have that listed as well.

Here's our weekly lunch menu:

Monday- Naomi: pureed snow peas, fish sticks, veggie straws
Nyla (for school): peanut butter sandwich, grapes, chips or veggie straws, graham cracker with Nutella

Tuesday- pureed cauliflower, cheese, crackers, oranges and yogurt

Wednesday- pureed black beans, noodles, cheese, bananas or fruit cocktail

Thursday- Naomi: pureed snow peas, hot dog, veggie straws
Nyla (for school): peanut butter sandwich, grapes, chips or veggie straws, graham crackers with Nutella

Friday- pureed sweet potatoes, yogurt, noodles, cheese and grapes
Out to lunch with my mom and sister, we take lunch if they won't eat something where we eat

Saturday- pureed green beans, leftovers or sandwiches

Sunday- pureed black beans, pizza, veggie straws and yogurt

Quick substitutes if my usual food isn't available: leftovers, pureed corn, turkey burger

As you can see Nyla isn't a big meat eater. I've tried hot dogs and fish sticks with her but she wants nothing to do with them. I do have to have somewhat separate menus for the girls because of this. Also, I have quite a bit of baby food so I may switch what's listed around to suit our days needs.

This is what works for us right now. I've tried planning different menu's for breakfasts and lunches and was WAY overwhelmed with planning separate everything. I feel like our menu is varied and I'll change it as the girls grow and change. I hope to have a more well-balanced diet when they get older. Right now I'm just doing what I can for them. I just want them to eat at this point. :)

Do you plan your lunch menu? If so, do you plan it differently each week? 
If you don't plan, have you ever thought about planning? 

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