Monday, October 22, 2012

31 Days: Getting Ready for the Week

These days getting ready for the week is a bit more challenging when caring for two little ones. I have to be organized and prepared or things can get pretty hairy here in a matter of minutes. Or seconds.

To stay on top of it all I make a point each Sunday evening to get ahead. Really, I just look at what we have going on during the week, get the kitchen and den tidied up and get Nyla's kid's day out things together.

First, I take a look at our dinner menu for the week. Do I need to get anything out tonight to have thawed for tomorrow night? (I do this each night or try to). I then move onto breakfasts and lunches for Monday morning. Naomi still takes pureed baby food with her meals and it's in the freezer. I have to get it out to be thawed in the morning for breakfast. And, if possible, I prep for breakfast too (i.e. cook bacon for the week, make a batch of scrambled eggs, etc.) Now that I have a weekly breakfast menu my life is SO much easier! Looking at it each night before bed really helps our mornings go smoother. I know exactly what we're eating and how I can be prepared for the next day. (Our lunch menu will post tomorrow).

Once I have our food situated I pick up what toys and books were left out. Nyla and I try and pick up most of it before she goes to bed, since she's learning responsibility, but there are always a few things left in the den and kitchen. I make sure her toys and any of our stuff is put away too. When I walk into the den the next day and it's all picked up it makes me feel so much better about starting the week. It really is amazing how that works! The kitchen works the same way for me. I like to have the dishwasher running before bed so I can unload it while the girls are eating breakfast the next morning. Or I'll empty it so it's ready for our dirty dishes.

On Monday's Nyla goes to "Kid's Day Out" (KDO). She has to have a backpack with an extra change of clothes, a sleep mat with cover, her lovey for nap time and her lunch. So I'm not rushing around like a mad woman I make sure her bag is packed and ready to go, her mat has her cover and there's a lovey attached to it and at least part of her lunch is packed. That way if time gets away from us, which it usually does, her stuff is ready to be put in the car and we won't be late.

Getting ready for the week has saved my sanity. Yes, I stay at home and I know working mom's think I have it easy, but we stay busy too! It's so important to me to have things in order on Sunday night. I've really been trying to do each task every night but sometimes I'm just too exhausted. For the most part, I'm at least ready for breakfast. And I prep lunch during breakfast. That works most days for us too.

What do you do to get ready for the week?

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cindy winkler said...

I always prepped for school the night before when the boys were home. Mark was very disorganized so we always packed him up and had him ready to go the night before. You are doing a great job and your kids will appreciate when they're a little older!