Monday, October 29, 2012

31 Days: Fall Festival (with Pictures)

This weekend were most of the Fall festivals around town. The two we always hit up are my parents church because they're right down the street and they like to walk around with their grand girls and then we go to our church's Trunk or Treat.

Because I'm so terrible about getting the action shots, all I have are the girls in their costumes before we went to either destination. But they're still cute. I'll tell you, it's tough getting a decent shot of them together. They are on the move these days!

Naomi is a bunny and Nyla is the bunny farmer. :)
Hey, neither costume cost me a cent, I had to improvise!

Sweet pigtails!

Naomi is one cute bunny! 

I couldn't resist that cute bunny tail.

Nyla and I went to our church by ourselves. Daddy wasn't feeling good and Naomi
likes to go to bed early. It was very chilly so we didn't get to show
off Nyla's costume but we had a great time together laying and eating chips. :)

This girl is obsessed with the moon. She has been forever! This is her pointing at it.

I actually talked her into getting on the hayride with me. I couldn't believe she said she
would but I told her I'd hold her the entire time. She did great!!

Nyla and I had a great time together when we went out to our church. It's so rare to spend time with just one child, especially her. Since she goes to school two days a week I get that extra time with Naomi but rarely just Nyla. We're trying to make a point to have one-on-one time with each child but it's hard right now. I know we'll make it a priority as they get older.

I think she had fun with just me and having all my attention! We ate chips together, split a cupcake, talked to and loved on all our friends, rode the hayride and just giggled about nothing. We also had a great time collecting candy from all the cars and seeing all our friends. All-in-all was a great night at both churches!

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