Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days: My Planner and Staying Organized

My 2012 planner
I'm a busy housewife and mother to two girls, two and under. We live a simple life at home but we're also busy with day-to-day activities, doctors visits, errands, church, seeing our family, Kid's Day Out two days a week for our oldest, Daniel back in school one day a week and everything in between. You know what I'm talking about! While I feel like we live a fairly simple life I still feel the need to be organized. I'm an organized person anyways so getting more organized is always on my mind.

At the end of last year I started keeping better tabs on our schedule and how I wanted to keep us organized. I found a very large wall calendar (monthly only) that can fit all our names and our menu into rows and all the days in columns. I loved this thing. I thought that having two little ones would mean I wouldn't really use it, I was wrong. Between the doctor's appointments, start and finishing medicine, Kid's Day Out days and themes and all the other usual suspects, I wrote on the calendar like a mad woman. And I loved it. But by July and August, I didn't love it so much anymore. I began leaning more on my "purse" planner.

My planner began to play a bigger role in how I did things in August. I read Rachel's post on her "Simple Day Planner" and knew I could lean more on my planner as well. And I knew I wanted to be able to carry around my information and be able to write things down when people asked me about it, otherwise I'd forget. And because I'm a big list maker (you used to be able to find multiple lists going in our home) this helped me put all my lists in one place. I was able to accomplish my tasks better and not having more wasted paper. Rachel's blog post helped me realize I'm a young mother with two young girls and I can't take care of them and 15 other things that I "think" I need to get done each day. It's not possible.

I began implementing Rachel's "pick six" in my daily life and what a wake up call it was! Now that we're in October I can really say I do six "big" things each day. Or try to. I don't beat myself up (like I used to) if one or three things on my list doesn't get done. My top priorities during the day are making sure my girls are fed and cared for and that dinner is ready for my man not long after he gets home from work. I try not to worry about much else.

So, what's my planner like?
-Dimensions: 6x8 inches (approximately)- it fits well into a few of my purses
-It has monthly and weekly spaces but I don't even use the monthly calendar.
-It has large spaces for writing my six to-do's as well as appointments for us.
-I water my indoor plants every Monday and yes I have to write it down on every Monday, otherwise I forget.
-Our dinner menu is up next to the date, written in a bright color (the picture above shows pink).
-I'll occasionally add a post-it note with a Bible verse or other important to-do's for the week. But I've found that if I have a constant post-it note it doesn't have any affect on me after a couple weeks.

I've decided for 2013 I want a planner that has a sidebar for my dinner menu, separate from my everyday tasks. I want a to-do list separate from each day so that in each day I can write in my appointments and the girls appointments, etc. Right now it's all together and while I can understand it I'd like it to be more organized. See, I have a problem. :)

How do you stay organized?


Patsy said...

Sounds like you have a planner design started that would be helpful to others..maybe you can "sell" them.

Patsy said...

Sounds like you have a planner design started that would be helpful to others..maybe you can "sell" them.