Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days in 2012

I'm joining the Nester and hundreds of other bloggers for a 31-day writing challenge for October. My theme for the month will be "31 Days of the Gafford Life." Basically, I'll be writing about what happens in our lives for the month of October. I've been looking at our calendar and we're actually busy for the month so I won't bore you with "we sat at home today... again." :)

What you'll find this month are date nights and focusing on our marriage (even with 2 little ones running us around), recipes, menu planning tips, what we do during the day, family outings, our church and what we do there, transitioning our oldest from a crib to a "big" girl bed, our journey into taking better care of ourselves and having o and so much more. We live a simple life and enjoy being at home most of the time. So, come spend the next 31 days in the lives of the Gafford's!

I hope you'll come back each day to see how we do life together as a family!

For more information visit the Nester on writing everyday in October. Join the challenge too!

I'll link up each post to this one. Enjoy!

Day 1: Introduction (this post)
Day 2: Date Night
Day 3: My Planner and Staying Organized
Day 4: When Recipes Go Wrong
Day 5: Moving to a "Big Girl" Bed
Day 6: Cookies for a Bridal Luncheon
Day 7: My Day-to-Day
Day 8: Menu Plan Monday
Day 9: Naomi's Surgery
Day 10: New Appliances (Before & after pictures)
Day 11: Fun at the Park
Day 12: Race (Five-Minute Friday)
Day 13: The Schedule Balancing Act
Day 14: My Running Journey
Day 15: Minimizing & Organizing
Day 16: Giggle Monsters
Day 17: Spaghetti Night
Day 18: Pillows & Poker Chips
Day 19: When Menu Planning
Day 20: Reading Books
Day 21: Hosting a Baby Shower
Day 22: Getting Ready for the Week
Day 23: Planning a Lunch Menu
Day 24: Dear Girls
Day 25: A Few of our Favorite Things
Day 26: Voice (Five-Minute Friday)
Day 27: no post
Day 28: 2 Days of Rest
Day 29: Fall Festival (with pictures)
Day 30: Kids and Chores
Day 31: Wrap-Up for 31 Days 2012

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