Thursday, October 25, 2012

31 Days: A Few of Our Favorite Things

One of the best parts about being a parent is seeing all the little quirks and mannerisms our girls develop over time, as well as things they enjoy a lot. With that, I present to you some of these about each of sweet girls.

Our sweet oldest definitely has her unique quirks. She likes to chew on her index finger when going to sleep. She typically requests one of three songs before going to bed: "Bible Tells So" (Jesus Loves Me), "Whole World" (He's Got the Whole World in His Hands), or "Wheels on Bus", after which whoever is singing is told to get the other parent. When I get home from work, she runs out the door to my car, hops up in my lap, says, "I need to drive" (ugh), and then wants to sit in the passenger seat and turn my hazard lights on. She's very particular about her shirts, making sure they're pulled down as far as they can. Her new thing is asking to play Angry Birds on the iPad. She's the only one in her KDO class that doesn't cry when dropped off. (Ginny is thankful for this!) And I think she knows how to work my mom's iPhone better than my mom.

I could just say, "Naomi is Naomi, and that's all you need to know." Of course, most of you don't know her, so I'll have to elaborate. She is one of the happiest babies you'll meet, but if she is hungry or tired, call the exorcist look out. Sitting in her high chair, she will wave her hand and shake her head if she does not want a bite of whatever you're giving her. Eventually, however, she caves in, because the girl loves to eat and eats as though the food vanishes into thin air in 5 minutes. Girl can throw some food back. If she's happy with herself, she growls or purrs. She will give her stuffed animals kisses, but Daddy leans in, she turns her head away (smiling I might add). Of course, at bedtime, she will snuggle so close. She likes it when Daddy "power bombs" her on the couch, but she gets nervous when Mom does it. If you (or a pillow or Nyla or a stuffed animal) are in the floor, prepare to be attacked.

I could go on and on, but I think that's enough for now!


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