Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 Days: Spaghetti Night

I don't know about y'all but we love spaghetti in our home! I think this is something we could have every week.

Tonight was Naomi's first time to try spaghetti. She wasn't a fan of the noodles but loved the ground turkey. She picked it out of the noodles and then smeared the noodles and sauce all over her tray. Typical!

 Nyla, on the other hand, loves the noodles and the meat, well, not so much. She does eat it when it's mixed in with her spaghetti but avoids it in other dishes.

If you guessed they got baths right after this, you'd be right. Daniel started the water before I even got them down from the table. I love how good our babies smell after a bath!

Spaghetti face Nyla munching on a graham cracker.

For not eating much spaghetti Naomi sure does have
a lot on her face.

We had a fun night watching our girls eat their spaghetti. Maybe next time will be a little less messy. Well, probably not. :)

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