Tuesday, May 1, 2012

About Us

Hello and welcome!

We're the Gafford family! We are a family of 4 (Daniel, Ginny, Nyla and Naomi) who love Jesus, our sweet little church and hanging out as a family. You'll find two people blogging here... Ginny and Daniel.

I, Ginny, started this blog about four years ago and the content has continued to change since day one. I like to menu plan, cook and bake, look at recipes, try new recipes, keep the house picked up, iron, sit down with a good book, get pedicures (which are rare), keep the girls busy, organize and declutter our small home and journal. You'll find me blogging about the week's menu plan, old and new recipes, funny things the girls say and do, mothering little girls and trying to live a simpler life in this crazy, on-the-go world.

Daniel joined this blog in May of 2012. He has a blog of his own but he wasn't doing much with it so he asked me if he could write on this blog a couple times a week.  I gave an enthusiastic "yes" and 'Gabbing with the Gafford's' was born! Daniel likes all things University of Kentucky sports, March Madness is his FAVORITE time of year, playing golf, the weather, technology, a great pair of sweat pants, hanging with his three girls and Ginny's cooking. You'll find Daniel blogging about priority time, technology stuff, what's happening with global warming the weather, book reviews and any other random thought that passes through his smart little mind.

We hope you'll stay awhile as we figure out this joint blogging thing. Our blog is ever-changing as we frequently enter new phases of life with our growing marriage and our growing girls. We love the Lord and strive to serve Him personally and through our little church. We are constantly talking to one another about how we can improve our everyday life through our marriage, raising our girls as disciples in Christ, keeping our home clutter-free, living a self-sustaining life by gardening, shopping locally, etc., homeschooling and slowing down our lives in this fast-paced world.

We are imperfect people in this imperfect world and you'll see that on this blog. You'll see our hearts, our struggles, typo's and real-life stuff. Our life is by no means "perfect" and we are constantly changing how we do things to honor our God and improve our quality of life as a family of four.

Thanks for stopping by!


Shasta said...

Awesome! Thanks for linking up today!

KathyMarie said...

That is so cool to be blogging with your sweetie—on the same page together. Neat!