Friday, August 31, 2012

Breakfast Planning

With two little ones in the house meals get crazy quickly if I'm unprepared, especially breakfast time. I've been planning our breakfasts for the past few months but it's been too much trouble, to think of something different for everyday of the month. Ugh! I have a hard enough time thinking of dinners for us. My friend Rachel over at Intentionally Simple has started streamlining her menu's and I love the idea she has for breakfast. She also has two little ones and knows it gets wild, quick and being prepared is in her favor.

Rachel suggests planning a breakfast for everyday and repeating it each week. Hello, why didn't I think of this? I sat down last Sunday night and thought of all the foods I usually have on hand for breakfasts that are either made or can be prepared quickly. I came up with 10 things! I planned for all 7 days of the week plus had a few extras that can easily be replaced if one of my usuals isn't available. It's been so easy to take 5 minutes the night before and pull out what I need from the freezer for breakfast the next morning. Since I've taken the time to plan this menu breakfast isn't as hectic. It's all in the fridge, ready to be warmed up. For some reason breakfast time sneaks up on me. I'm busy getting the girls dressed and playing and before I know they're having a meltdown about being hungry. Our mornings have been easier ever since I created this menu.

Here's my weekly breakfast plan (it will stay this way until I decide otherwise):

Monday- eggs, bacon and toast
(I cook all the bacon on Sunday night and put it in labeled containers for which meal the bacon goes to, as some goes to dinners during the week)

Tuesday- blueberry pancakes (from the freezer) with maple syrup

Wednesday- cereal or oatmeal (I've just started making baked oatmeal, yum!)

Thursday- muffins and eggs (I always have muffins in the freezer. We like apple, blueberry and whatever else I feel like making)

Friday- cinnamon roll (from the freeze)

Saturday- banana bread (from the freezer) or cinnamon toast (Daddy's is the best!)

Sunday- peanut butter toast and bacon

Quick substitutes if my usual isn't available:
french toast
breakfast sandwiches (I usually have a whole wheat bun in the freezer, cheese, bacon and eggs in the fridge)

On Monday's, Thursday's and Sunday's I fix a heartier breakfast for us. Nyla goes to Kid's Day Out at my parents church on Monday's and Thursday's and I like for her to eat a good breakfast since they eat lunch a little later than we do around here. And Sunday's are usually long mornings for us. We get there early since Daniel is the audio/visual guy and teaches Sunday school on occasion and we're there chatting for awhile after service has ended. We need a breakfast that is going to stick with us until we get home. 

This menu is posted on our fridge so each night when I'm preparing for the morning I can look to see what I need to get out. Most of it heats up quick and is ready to go in under a minute. And sometimes I need that to keep my sanity!

Do you have a breakfast routine that makes your mornings easy?

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