Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days: When Recipes Go Wrong

A disaster

Four-cheese lasagna... it sounds good doesn't it? Melted cheeses with more cheese on top, layered in between spices and noodles. Yes, it sounded good to us too.

Last week when I was planning my dinner menu for October I came across this yummy sounding lasagna. I asked Daniel to tell me what he thought and he said he'd love for me to make it and us to try. So Monday after I dropped Nyla off at KDO and Naomi was taking her afternoon nap I set out to make the lasagna for the following night. The aroma's that were coming from my kitchen were AMAZING! The fresh cheeses, melted and spread all over the lasagna looked so good. And my kitchen smelled great all day which was an added bonus.

Fast-forward to Tuesday. The lasagna is cooked and resting for 15 minutes before we slice into it. Then the moment we've all been waiting for... I cut into it and the gooey cheeses ooze all over the plate and the smell is even more wonderful. Then Daniel takes a bite. And the look on his face is not one of pleasure. Uh oh! I take a bite and probably have the same exact expression. Blech! What in the world? There's a cheese that seems off. I immediately identify the culprit as the gorgonzola. I've had it in the past and wasn't a fan. The flavor is a bit too strong for me. I look to my right and Daniel to his left and Nyla is gobbling it up. What? The picky toddler who won't eat chicken eats this??? So we put on a happy face and start talking about what to do. Daniel suggests marinara sauce to help cut the strong flavor. It actually does help but we still don't finish it and both have a bowl of cereal. And yes, Nyla keeps eating it and Naomi had some bites too.

That's my adventure in the kitchen this week. While I'd say 85% of the time my recipes turn out and are very good there are a few recipes that I throw out immediately. Hey, it happens!

Are there any recipes that you were excited about that disappointed you?

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