Thursday, September 12, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Mercy

This week I'm joining Lisa Jo's Five-Minute Friday link-up. Come join the fun and read what others are saying about the word of the week. It's amazing to read what others think of when they hear one particular word! And don't forget, you only get 5 minutes of writing time!



Do I show mercy to others?

That's what I think of when I think of the word "mercy."

I'd like to think I've been shown mercy a time or two. Not by Jesus because I've definitely been given His love and mercy. Thank goodness for His mercy! But by others. We all do stupid crap. We all have tough times. Some would argue others have had it tougher. I'd agree with that. Honestly, I've had an easy life but I guess that's another topic for another day.

Do I show mercy to others?

Hmm. This is an interesting question and not one I'm sure I can answer. I'd like to say that my kindness and compassion comes out when I meet people. A few people in my life have described me as a "sweet spirit" and I hope that's what comes out and that goes toward showing mercy to people. There are so many who need our mercy and our compassion. Are we really giving it to them? Can we honestly say we love our neighbor and would show them mercy if they came across a tough time? I hope I would but I honestly don't know. I'm a selfish sinner who looks out for myself and my family. They are my bubble after all. But others? They get put on the back burner. Ouch.



Hannah said...

Dang. This is challenging, but so good. I need to ask myself that more often.

Ginny Gafford said...

Me too! It's what immediately came to mind when I thought of the word "mercy." I don't often think of others in that light but it's obvious I need to.
Thanks for stopping by!

Mel Schroeder said...

Wow...definitely a good question to ask myself. Love your take on this prompt...and the challenge to think beyond myself. I always say I want to think of others before me, but do I? Ouch but good. :) Happy Friday to you...hope it's wonderful!

Amy C said...

Yes. This is the challenge before me right now. Do I really put others first?
It's one of those things where the spirit is willing and the flesh is weak. You know? I pray God continuously shows me how to be unselfish.

Richelle @ Our Wright-ing Pad said...

thankful for your honesty and willingness to ask this hard question. i'm doing the same myself, today.

Ginny Gafford said...

Thank for stopping by. I'm an introvert so I feel I look inward a lot BUT I don't feel I show mercy enough. It's a good thing to think on as there are so many who get no mercy or compassion from anyone, just judgement. It's definitely a great prompt word and it has me thinking!