Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday Favorite Finds

Happy Saturday! I hope you're all getting your "honey-do" lists done and such. That's what we have going on here today. It's very exciting stuff! :)

I wanted to add my friday favorites that I've been eyeing the past couple of weeks. I don't get on Pinterest near as much as I used to but I still manage to sneak a couple minutes here and there. Here's what is looking good to me!!

From scratch Garlic Cheese Bread

French Toasted Angel Food Cake

Source: via Anika on Pinterest

Chewy Low Fat Banana Nut Oatmeal Cookies

Source: via Leigh on Pinterest

I'm linked up over at Joy in my Kitchen for Friday Favorite Finds. Come join if you've found great recipes or want more recipes to try!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Menu Plan-January 9

I hope you all had a nice weekend and were able to relax, I know we did. We had nowhere to go and it was wonderful. I love those kind of weekends where you can rejuvenate.
We have a fun week ahead of us, full of doctor visits, possibly Nyla's first haircut and "Family Fun Night" at our church as well as the usual church events and such. I'm doing great on my January challenge and haven't had to buy anything. It just goes to show we have SO much stocked in our freezers and pantry! I am popping into the grocery store today for milk, eggs and potatoes for tomorrow nights dinner but other than that I don't need a thing. Here's what we're having in our house this week.

Monday- Taco Soup

Tuesday- Bbq chicken baked potatoes, side salad

Wednesday- baked chicken, rice and vegetables

Thursday- Spaghetti (new sauce recipe from my new cookbook), I may venture and try SnoWhite's Olive Garden breadsticks but we'll see, side salad

Friday- Pizza, "Family Fun Night" at our church

Saturday- leftovers from the week or sandwiches

Sunday- leftovers from the week or sandwiches

What's cooking in your kitchen this week?

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Favorite Finds

I'm linking up with SnoWhite over at Joy in my Kitchen for her Friday Favorite Finds.

I've finally figured out how to embed the images from the very addicting site Pinterest! It makes these treats even more tantalizing!!! Head on over to SnoWhite's blog for more great recipes.

I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves! :)

Baked, whole wheat powdered sugar donuts

Lasagna Soup

Strawberry Valentine cookies

Lemon cookies

Paula Deen's banana pudding

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January= Freezer Month

This month I'm cleaning out our freezers for all our meals. I'm only allowing myself to buy dairy, eggs, bread and fresh produce for our family in the month of January. We have SO much in our freezers that needs to be used and January is the perfect month to eat it and start fresh on my stockpiles. I think it'll be a challenge toward the end and we'll have to have a few meatless dishes, but it's worth it to clean out, de-clutter and challenge myself. I like a challenge in the kitchen!

My biggest assets will be to continue to menu plan each week and to have a freezer inventory to go by when planning. I used to keep an awesome inventory on my fridge but it's gotten away from me in the past 4 or so months. One of my goals this years is to keep that inventory up to date so I don't waste our precious grocery budget money. Since our pantry is a little easier to glance at for meal planning I won't inventory that beforehand. Below you'll find an inventory of our freezers (fridge freezer and deep freeze).

Refrigerator freezer:

boneless pork chops-4
chicken nuggets-enough for one meal
1 cup chopped, cooked chicken-1
7 oz sweet italian sausage-1

Fruits & Veggies:
12 oz raspberries-1
32 oz blueberries-1
12 oz carrots-1
12 oz corn-1
12 oz green beans-1
6 oz bell peppers-1
16 oz veggies for soup-1

italian rolls-5
homemade tortillas-5
buttermilk biscuits-8

whole pecans-1
1 cup chimichanga sauce-1
homemade vanilla ice cream-1
pan hashbrown casserole-1
white beans-1
pizza sauce (2-3 pizzas)-1

bbq chicken pizza-1
leftover ham-2 containers

Deep Freeze:

1.5 lb grilled pork loin-1
1 lb sweet italian sausage-2
1 lb. pork kielbasa
2 lbs. chicken wings-2
1 lb. ground turkey-1
1 lb boneless chicken breasts-13

Fruits & Veggies:
12 oz snap peas-2
12 oz green beans-2
12 oz carrots-1
12 oz mixed vegetables-2
16 oz spinach-1
bananas for bread-6 (will make 3 loaves of banana bread)
10 oz strawberries-1
10 oz fiesta fruit blend-1

phyllo dough- 1/2 package

9 inch pan enchilada bake casserole
9x13 inch pan pasta dish
container of taco soup

That does it for my freezer inventory. I actually had more than I thought which is great news so we may be able to eat meat every night which is what I'd prefer. I think this will be a great challenge for our family. I'm still going to take out our alloted $200 for groceries this month and use it to buy extra meats down the road and a 25 lb bag of flour at Sam's Club.
What are you challenging yourself to this month?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Menu Plan-January 2

Is anyone else relieved Christmas and New Year's are over? It's just event after event with our families and I am worn out!

We created some great memories with our new family of four and enjoyed seeing all our family. I had to figure out a way to keep our toddler out of our Christmas tree, that was an adventure, Nyla loved tearing into her presents the first few times and wanted to just play after the first few presents and both girls did great traveling from place to place to all our events. After recovering from Christmas we spent relaxing nights at home and had a low-key New Year's. We went out to my parents house to have dinner with my dad while my mom was out of town visiting her parents and were home by 8. I definitely was asleep by 10:30 and it was great!

Now that all that is over it's back to business in our house! I didn't let any laundry or dishes get away from me over the holidays and stayed on top of my organizing goals. I have a large box that keeps getting items thrown into it each day to give to Goodwill. This house will be clutter free, organized and minimized in 2012! Getting this house in order is one of my big goals for our family. I want our lives to be defined by our love for Jesus, creating memories and having great family experiences, not all the stuff we may or may not own!!!

One of my other goals for the month of January is to use most if not all of our freezer stock piles. We have SO much food and it needs to be eaten. So I have big plans for our menu in the month of January. Read about the beginning here. Let's get to the menu for the week!

Monday-Bbq Pork Stew and grilled cheese sandwiches

Tuesday- Make ahead unstuffed shells, veggies

Wednesday-Ham and hash brown casserole, veggies

Thursday-Crispy pan-fried pork chops {(new recipe) from my new cookbook, America's Test Kitchen}, baked potatoes and veggies

Saturday-leftovers from the week or sandwiches

Sunday-leftovers from the week or sandwiches

What's cooking in your kitchen?