Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Day in My Life-2015

Here's but a glimpse into our lives. While everyday is different there are definitely moments that are similar. Somedays it feels mundane but I remember I'm raising little people for the Lord and there's not a bigger reward than that.
(Nyla is 4.5 years old, Naomi is 3 and Natalie is 5 months tomorrow.)

6:45 a.m. I'm actually up and ready for the day, which is so rare. I'm usually out of bed after 7. I make my bed and get dressed, somewhat dressed. We're home all morning so I keep on yoga pants and a sweater. I really do try and make my bed each morning, as it makes the room look so much cleaner! I head downstairs to tackle the laundry. I have 3 loads to wash but forget I left diapers in there overnight. Oops! This happens more often than I care to admit. :)

 I hang up the diapers and start the loads I need to get done today. My big girls are early risers so I've already seen them this morning. They are playing nicely in their playroom.

 7:30 a.m. I get this sweet girl up. I change her diaper and nurse her. The big girls tell her good morning and want to hold her, as they do most mornings.

 8:00 a.m. I switch out laundry and start another load. And Naomi helps me prep our breakfast. We have oatmeal (her favorite) and eggs (Nyla's favorite), fruit and milk. I like real food but also like quick food! After breakfast we clean the kitchen and Naomi helps me sweep a little. Then the big girls go and play in their playroom. I get called to come see that they're playing school.

 8:50 a.m. Natalie is ready for her morning nap. She likes to be up just over an hour and then wants her first nap. This baby girls loves to sleep! I nurse her again and put her in bed.

 9:20 a.m. It's reading lesson time with Nyla. We're working through How to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. It was recommended by a fellow homeschool mama and friend. Nyla is only 4 years old but we are avid readers in this house and she began to show an interest in wanting to learn to read herself. I bought the book used on Amazon for under $10 and decided we'd give it a try. She is really catching on and seems to enjoy our time together.

10:00 a.m. Now it's time to do some folding. This is definitely my least favorite part and somedays laundry sits in it's basket for a couple days. Such is life and it is what it is. I pick and choose my battles or I'm learning to. I'd rather be cooking tasty meals and snacks than folding laundry. 

The girls do fold or somewhat fold their own laundry. My new laundry system (I've been doing it 2+ months) is that each girl gets her own basket. I wash and dry it and they have to fold it (with help, if needed) and put it away. Naomi gets "tired" folding her laundry (3 year olds, right!?!?) so she needs extra help. Nyla usually does it all on her own and quite perfect as well. I guess she's a bit of a perfectionist, like her mother. ;)

10:30 a.m. I got pizza dough out of the fridge to make pizza's for our freezer. I make a couple while the girls are playing and they wander into the kitchen and want to help. It is a challenge having 4 and 3 year olds in the kitchen but I'm learning patience from it. They want to help and I want them to learn to have an appreciation for homemade food.
(Naomi is on the left and as her typical 3 year old self, she doesn't want to me to take her picture because it's not on her time. Nyla is happy to pose for me.)


11:15 a.m. Natalie woke up 15 minutes ago so I go upstairs and get her. I change her and nurse her again. We head downstairs and sit and read to the big girls. We usually read 3-5 books in one sitting before the girls get wiggly and want to go play. Today we read Fox in Sox, Making Friends, Molly Lou Melon and Hop on Pop. Naomi has just about memorized Hop on Pop so she basically read it to me. 

She loves to nurse while covering her face

12:00 p.m. It's lunch time. I quickly make lunch while the girls are playing. We have some leftovers from the weekend and read Milly Molly Mandy during lunch. She's one of our favorite characters and they like hearing what she's up to. I'm working on Nyla telling me what happens in the story. I try and stop after a page or so and get her to tell me in her own words what Milly Molly Mandy is up to. She's getting better at this. My goal with Naomi is for her to just sit still and listen to me read, which she does. She loves being read to.

After lunch I run the tomato soup through the blender. I made it Saturday but by the time it was done cooking on the stove the girls were in bed and the blender is too loud. I got them in canning jars and put away in the freezer for Daniel to grab for lunch at work or for us to have for quick dinners. 
And then I cleaned the kitchen. This definitely does NOT happen each day after lunch. Some days dirty dishes sit in the sink until after dinner and more are added from dinner. But everyone was happy so I quickly cleaned up.

1:15 p.m. I get the big girls tucked into their beds and nurse and change Natalie. Yes, my 4.5 year old does still nap...sometimes. She enjoys the quiet of her room even if she decides not to nap. She isn't allowed to come down for at least an hour. Mommy needs a quiet hour, too!!!

I switch out laundry, again and sit down and read. My goal for the year is to read 36 books. It's a lofty goal but I finished 4 books in January and am working on 4 for February. Yes, you read that right I'm reading 4 different books at the same time. Daniel doesn't understand how I do it but I like to change things up sometimes. I do stick with the same book here and there but if I need a change of pace I read another. Right now I'm reading John Rosemond's, The New Six-Point Plan for Raising Happy, Healthy Children (We're having some discipline struggles with Naomi and I picked it up just yesterday. I needed to my refresh myself on it.), Karon Andreola's, Charlotte Mason Companion (we're homeschooling and this book has been on my shelves for 2 years but I'm finally picking it up), Leigh A. Bortins, The Core (another great book for the homeschool mama, who's looking at Classical Education) and The Journals of Lewis and Clark (edited by Bernard DeVoto). All these books are great reads and they all offer me something different. 

At the bottom of my pile is my current journal. I make notes of our day, funny things the girls say, struggles we're having with them, favorites quotes or lyrics, Bible verses, prayers and lists (I love lists!).

2:20 p.m. Naomi hasn't been napping too long the last couple of weeks (sad) so she comes downstairs just after an hour. I tell her to either quietly play in the playroom or go back up to her room to rest. Surprisingly, she obeys, for a few minutes anyways.

3:30 I get Natalie up from her nap, change her diaper and nurse her. Today we're headed to our drop point to pick up my Azure Standard order. Our drop time has recently changed to an afternoon time so I'm having to pack the girls up and take them with me. 

(Below we're coming back from the drop and my 30 pounds of butter in my freezer.)

4:40 p.m. We're home, thankfully the drop didn't take too long, and more laundry awaits. I think this load totals 4 today. I don't do 4 loads everyday but it does happen 3 times a week or so. And I do at least one load a day just to keep up.

5:30 p.m. I just got done nursing Natalie while our pizza cooked. Naomi and Daddy are out on a date at McAlister's Deli (kids eat free on Tuesday nights!) and Nyla and I decided to have one of the pizzas we made this morning. Natalie wasn't happy about sitting in her high chair. The girls "witching hour" starts around 5 and continues until I put her in bed just before 7. She loves to be held the whole time but it's just not doable. Nyla and I also baked some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (we keep cookies balls in the freezer to pull out for quick desserts).

6:30 p.m. Daniel and Naomi have been home a few minutes and we all sit down to play a quick game of My First Carcassonne. The girls got it for Christmas and it's quickly become a favorite. We've have the adult version (see it here) for a few years and I still enjoy playing it. It's quick and some nights when Daniel and I want to play a game this is all there's time for. 

7:30 p.m. All girls are in bed. Daniel put the big girls to bed while I nursed Natalie and put her down. I came down to finish laundry and unpack the rest of my Azure order, tidy the kitchen and den and fold one more basket of laundry. 

Okay, this was a really fun experiment and I've never done one of these before! It was a challenge to take a picture almost every hour as I don't have much time for that. I sometimes feel like I'm not too productive each day but this shows me I am. This is a fairly typical day in our home (besides picking up our Azure order). We pack a lot into our days! I've surprised myself with this. 

Thanks for reading.

I'm also joining Simple Homeschool for their Day in the Life of Homeschooling


Patsy said...

Whew!! You accomplished so much and value with the girls is immeasurable! Keep, keep keep it up.

erin said...

I loved reading this! I really admire the way you and Daniel parent.

Camie Madsen said...

Ah, the never ending laundry. I remember those days well. :) I agree that making your bed makes the whole room look and feel cleaner. Your girls playing school was very cute. I used to do that when I was very young and I think there's a picture to prove it.

Cait Fitz @ My Little Poppies said...

Love reading these. I relate to your laundry struggles, believe me! And I absolutely adore your green cabinets. Thanks for sharing with us.

Ginny Gafford said...

Thank you ladies for your encouraging comments. It's crazy how quickly our days seem to go with the never-ending laundry and schooling and nursing. I wouldn't trade it and it's going by all too quickly.

Thanks for stopping by to our little blog!

Rachel said...

So many similarities in our lives...endless laundry, cloth diapers, lots of littles ones! You said it best at the very beginning of the post - raising them for the Lord is what matters!!

Rebekah from Simply Rebekah said...

Your kitchen is so cute and I love the living room rug!

I can relate to that awkward transition when kids aren't napping as long or as regularly. It is so sad to lose that quiet time as a momma!

Thank you so much for sharing your day!