Wednesday, October 10, 2012

31 Days: New Appliances (Before & After Pictures)

This weekend I got new appliances! My parents came in and asked about a month ago if we'd like new stove/oven and microwave. Since we don't need anything for Christmas but needed some upgraded appliances, they thought those would be a nice gift. I gave an excited, "yes" and asked if we could get a dishwasher thrown in there too. I was just throwing that out there. And it was okay if they couldn't do it. But my dad said they could probably do that too.

That same week Daniel and I ventured out to H.H. Gregg to see what was out there. The first stove we looked at was the one we ended up with. It has a bunch of different size burners plus a warming unit. I don't know how much I'll actually use it but it's nice to have the option. The oven is bigger than the one we had and there's no heating unit showing on the bottom. It'll be so much easier to clean, to not have to work around that coil! Maybe my oven will actually get cleaned more. ;)

This past weekend a handy man friend of my dad's came and installed everything and I'm in love! He was here most of the day since he had to cut the vent pipe a little and the cabinets to make the microwave fit and get it attached. That was the biggest job. The oven/stove and dishwasher were a "piece of cake," according to him.

We're so happy with our new appliances. I love them and have been doing a lot of cooking the past few days. Daniel will enjoy the food I cook. Or so he says. :)

Dishwasher before

Dishwasher after
Stove and oven before
The duct tape is lovely on the oven handles, isn't it?
See the microwave to the left of the unit? It's tiny compared to our new one.

New microwave, oven/stove combo after!
Sorry it's blurry.

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