Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 Days: Date Night

Date night's are pretty rare for us these days. We do spend time alone together, but actually going out? No, that doesn't happen very often. We're a young couple with two young girls so money is pretty tight.  Between all the well and sick appointments, a couple of surgeries, formula, medicine and everything in between there's just not much wiggle room for going out. Thankfully, I like to cook. No, sorry, I LOVE to cook and I'll try my hand at most anything to help us keep eating at home. But that's another post. :)

Last night we had the rare opportunity to go out. ALONE. My MIL stayed and watched the girls as we headed out. Last week my mom gave me a gift card and we just had to use it in under a week. Yep, that's how we do it here. So, off we went to one of our favorite places, Olive Garden. I have no idea why we like it so much but that's where we end up a lot of the time. I love the never ending soup, salad and breadsticks. I always say I'm going to get something else but nothing is as good as that. Plus, I keep looking at the $12.50 chicken dishes and know I can get 6-7 pounds of fresh chicken breasts for $12.50. My mind is constantly working on our grocery budget, I suppose. 

My man friend
So, off we went, by ourselves. Our night was full of adult conversation from where we'd like to be in a couple years to church and back to us. Date nights are so important. I'd say we try to go out alone every 4-6 weeks. That's all we can do so we look forward to that time together. We want to keep our marriage strong and have our kids pay attention to us and not the other way around. And date nights are a way to show them that we need time to ourselves and have lives outside of them. (For more information on this see John Rosemond's, Parenting by the Book). 

A few months ago I wrote a post titled, The Love Jar. We haven't been pulling from it like we should but I know it's always there for us to pick back up. I like The Love Jar because it's helped make me aware of what I wasn't doing for my husband. He's a "words of affirmation" guy and he likes notes in his bag or lunch. I hadn't written a note in a long time and this was one of the first things he wrote for me to do. I knew it was important yet I hadn't done it. It just made me aware. 

The yummy soup I had, chicken potato florentine. It was yummy!

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erin said...

Date night are the best! We don't get to have them that often because of money as well, but when we do I am so thankful that my parents are close by and are willing to watch Charlotte for us. Having family nearby is such a blessing!