Tuesday, October 9, 2012

31 Days: Naomi's Surgery

Yesterday we made our way to one of the local surgery centers for Naomi to get tubes in her ears. It's not something I thought we'd be doing this early in her life (11 months old) but it ended up being necessary.

Naomi got her first ear infection right around four months. This was not a good sign but then she went months without another one. I'm a firm believer that teeth coming in play a large role in ear infections and when Naomi started getting all her other teeth ear infections came with them. When she got her third ear infection in six weeks I knew we'd be on our way to tubes. Fortunately, we LOVE our Pediatrician and she recommended them the day I was going to tell her we were going to see an ENT to look into tubes. I got right in to see a Nurse Practitioner in our ENT's office (we saw her post-op from Nyla's tubes) and I knew I wanted to get surgery scheduled right away. I'm glad I went because the next available surgery date was almost three weeks away. Yuck! 

The three weeks, for the most part, went by pretty quickly. I did the best I could keeping Naomi happy even though I knew she was miserable. She fussed most of the day and was so clingy. I definitely learned how to do many things with only one hand free. But it wasn't anything new to me. She'd been like that for months. 

Before surgery in her little gown
And then finally the big day arrived! We had to be at the surgery center at 6:15 a.m. Daniel and I got up at 5 and got ourselves ready. I packed Naomi's bag and our things the night before (I'm a planner :) ) and my mom got to our house around 5:30 to take care of Nyla. At 5:45 we woke up Naomi and whisked her out the door. She wasn't allowed to have any food or her bottle after midnight. She could have had water or juice but not after 5. We decided we didn't want her up that long before we had to leave so we let her sleep. Thankfully, she did great not having anything all morning. 

We drove to the surgery center and got checked in. We were called back for pre-op questions and answers and then we just waited. We saw our doctor a little after 7, he prayed with us (just another reason we love him!), told us what he was going to do and then said the nurse would be in to get us in a couple minutes. The nurse came in about 5 minutes later and we walked to the "bunny tunnel" where we picked out a toy for Naomi (rubber duckies for the bathtub) and they took her away. I grabbed a coffee and back into our room we waited. Five minutes later our doctor was walking in our room and told us everything went great and there wasn't too much fluid in her ears and they'd be waking her up and they'd come get us soon. Five minutes after that we were called back to the recovery area to see our sweet girl. She wasn't thrashing as much as Nyla was after her tubes were put in even though we were expecting that. We sat in our room with her and each held her and sang to her and after about 15 minutes of that she was ready to go home. They released us and off to home we went. 

We got home she had a big breakfast, took some of her bottle and took a two hour nap. She played independently most of the late morning, we had lunch (she ate a ton of food), we ran a couple of errands and came back home for an afternoon nap. I swear when she woke up she was a completely different baby than she'd been in months! She was great all morning but even better in the afternoon. She's also been taking a few steps for the past couple of weeks but last night she was walking all across the kitchen, all the way across the kitchen and she'd turn around and come back. Amazing! I told Daniel that I felt like she'd probably walk better once the tubes were in and I was right. I knew they'd help her balance and they certainly have.

We've always called Naomi our snuggly and smiley baby. The past few months she's still been snuggly and smiley but much more fussy than she should've been. I hate that she had to have surgery but I can't imagine her suffering like that and have possible hearing damage because we didn't take steps to help her. I'm thankful for all those who prayed for her these past couple of weeks. Thanks to everyone for your support!

Yesterday afternoon after she had half a cupcake. Yeah, she's totally better!

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