Monday, August 10, 2009

Homemade Bagels

I conquered my fear of bread making!
I have tried before and failed miserably, this was about a year ago. I was trying to make a regular white bread and it was so dense and horribly disgusting. So I have been wanting to try again making homemade breads, bagels, etc. Before I didn't feel I had a great, easy-to-follow recipe for the bread items I wanted to make so I just bought regular bread from the grocery store. Boy have I been missing out!
But today I tried bagels and I just got done making my first batch. They aren't the best looking bagels, but they are awesome! I know the more I make them the better they'll look. The recipe I used is from The Happy Housewife, titled "Bagel Tips." I didn't have the 1 tbsp of gluten, but I went ahead and made them anyways and they turned out just fine. I didn't feel there were too many steps, she explained everything easily and had great pictures so I could make sure I was on track. I did half all-purpose flour and half whole wheat for the flour needs. And I didn't do the egg wash step, I just didn't feel it was needed. So easy! I don't know why I've been so afraid to make bagels.
These bagels are a little crunchy on the outside (which I love) and chewy on the inside. So yummy! I got 15 from my batch. I like my bagels a little smaller because I can't seem to finish one of those giant ones. These are so much better than store bought! I don't think I'll ever buy from the store again. Conquer your fear of bread making and jump in!

Next bread fear to conquer are english muffins! I found a recipe that looks pretty simple as well. These will be great for breakfast as well as for english muffin pizzas which we like to eat. You can find the recipe for the english muffins here from The Happy Housewife again. It's close to the bottom of the page of her "Baking Day" blog.
Check back at a later date for how the english muffin trials went.

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