Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Workspace

Here are pictures of my kitchen work area. This is my favorite room in our apartment. It's where all good cooking and baking goes on. It's a pretty big kitchen for an apartment. I'm so thankful for all the counter space and storage space (and all the cabinets are full). I just love all the creations that happen in here. Enjoy!

Command Central
That is my monthly menu on the left of the fridge. I also have an inventory of the freezer on the right. It has plenty of room to add to when I buy freezer items. When I use them I just mark it off the list. Under the inventory list is my grocery list that is organized by the items I buy most. On the grocery list you can also find a list for other places I frequent for household and toiletry items. There are my aprons hanging on the wall. And next to that our big white board with our monthly calendars, (no food) with our schedules and appointments. On the other half of that board is Hubby's weather updates. He loves the weather and he lets me know what will be happening in the next few days by writing on that board.
Prep area and tool holder
The stove and microwave, pretty basic. My recipe book that I put together myself, my recipe box from my momma and all the other kitchen tools I use almost every night. This is also another great prep are and great to serve from.
Sink and Prep Area
This is the sink and the part of the counter where I do most of the prep work. The light is best in this area. And what is the bright yellow rag doing under my mixer? It is a wash cloth that makes it easier for me to pull the mixer out from the corner and use it. And I use it so much that it doesn't make sense to store it in a cabinet.

The Pantry
Top shelf: Baking goods in their own, labeled containers and a few extra food items.
2nd shelf: Snacks and such.
3rd shelf: Salad toppings, rice and 6lb. jar of peanut butter.
4th shelf: All breakfast items.
5th shelf: Spices that won't fit into my spice cabinet and extra bottles of marinades.
Floor: You can't see the bottom of the pantry but that is where the extras foods are stored.
Well that is my kitchen. I hoped you enjoyed the tour!

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