Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Naomi's Room

Welcome to Naomi's room! We are so excited about the arrival of our second baby girl. I'm 30 weeks tomorrow and I'm so excited the room is done and ready to go. When we had Nyla last July we had just moved into our house and her room was completed when I was about 36 weeks pregnant. I did NOT want to do that again! I like to be ready and organized even though I don't want Naomi to come until I'm at least 37 weeks so her sweet little lungs develop. :)

Enjoy all the pictures of Naomi's room. It was fun to paint with Hubby, giving us the chance to talk to one another and fun shopping for all the great stuff and making our little projects for her. We did quite a few for Nyla's room not too long ago so we had to do some for Naomi. I'm so ready to meet our second baby girl!

Welcome to Naomi Carrick's room!

Changing area and shelves. These 2 pieces were both in Nyla's room and they were great to have. The shelves will soon be filled with diapers, wipes and anything else we need to keep handy.

Wow this is super blurry.
I originally made this for Nyla but since she's against hair bows it got moved into Naomi's room yesterday. Glad it transferred over though.

Cute lamp my mom recovered from leftover bed skirt fabric. We wanted purple this go around and found some cute fabrics.

Sorry about the blurry pictures, yuck.
I made similar pictures for Nyla, unfortunately I'm not too creative so Naomi got pretty much the same pictures. :)

Hubby's favorite one I did. It hangs in the middle of the 3.

Naomi's crib. This crib was the one my sister and I slept in when we were babies so it's pretty special to be able to have one of my daughter's in it. I originally wanted to use it for Nyla but my mom wanted to set it up in their house; it only got used about 6 times so we so could've used it for Nyla. Oh well.

Up close shot of the bumper pad fabric and ribbon ties. This is the fabric I fell in love with at JoAnn's and couldn't put done. It was VERY hard to match though which was the only set back. I wanted a different fabric on the inside of the bumper pads like we did for Nyla but because of the odd shades of color it didn't work out. It still turned out cute. My mom made all the bedding. She's so good!

Here's a picture Hubby did for Naomi. He's so good and the colors are perfect in her room. I'm in love with it! Now Nyla needs an original by her sweet Dada. :)

Leftover fabric and ribbon make for a super cute pillow. This is another creation on my mom's. This will be our chair to rock, snuggle and feed Naomi in. It was also in Nyla's room but since she could care less to be rocked it got moved. My mom did recover a chair for her room and it's totally cute. I'll have to post the changes me made to her room while in the process of creating Naomi's room.

And the curtain. It was just a plain, beige curtain so my mom used leftover bumper pad fabric and put about 20 inches tall on the bottom and topped it with ribbon. Then did about 10 inches up top (but not all the way to the top) with more ribbon. I'm so happy with how it turned out!

So there's Naomi's room. I hope you enjoyed the tour. We're very excited about it turned out and can't wait to see our baby girl in it! I hope she likes the purple as much as we do! :)


Megs501 said...

Aah, Ginny! I love the curtains and bumper. Your pictures are precious and priceless. Naomi's room is just beautiful and the colors are awesome.

It is just as special as Nyla's. =)

erin said...

I LOVE her room! The purple is fantastic, and all the personal touches are so great.