Sunday, August 28, 2011

Menu Plan Monday-August 29

August 29th-September 4th

As you've seen or will see in posts I'm changing up my dinner menus and going back to make simpler meals. I'm still menu planning but the meals I'm using you may see more than once a month. :) I'm just needing to make life more simple and preparing simpler meals is a step in that direction. While this menu plan doesn't have too many of those simpler meals, I decided to go simple after this week since it was already planned.

Check out my recipe index for all the recipes we eat in this house. I've linked them up to my blog, other blogs, recipe sites and google docs for a quick print out version.

Monday, August 29th:
Beef Chimichangas {new recipe}

Tuesday, August 30th:

Wednesday, August 31st:
Baked potatoes with bbq and homemade bbq sauce

Thursday, September 1st:
made in 2, 8 inch pans for another meal another night

Friday, September 2nd:
Breakfast-Sourdough Waffles {new recipe}
I successfully made my first sourdough starter last week!
And this recipe makes a lot of waffles but I freeze our leftovers, especially breakfast items. Hubby likes to take different breakfast foods to work so I keep our freezer stocked for him.

Saturday, September 3rd:
Easy Chicken and Dumplings {new recipe}
This is a Paula Deen recipe I got from her magazine that I borrowed from a friend. I'm sure it will be tasty! And it's my first try and chicken and dumplings. :)

Sunday, September 4th:

What are you cooking this week?

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erin said...

I am all about simple recipes! I usually don't even consider cooking a recipe if it has more than 7 or so ingredients. Of course, that often means we rotate the same meals, but it's what works for the time that I have right now. Good for you for simplifying where you can!

Ginny said...

I'm all about simple recipes too Erin! I thought I was keeping it simple but then I looked at my recipes and they weren't so simple after all. :(
I love to cook and love sitting down at the table with Hubby but I had to make it easier on myself and our budget.
I'm with you on the 7 ingredients or less thing. I like the idea of that and will have keep that in mind.
Hubby doesn't mind rotating the same meals either. He could eat spaghetti every week and I'm glad b/c he'll be seeing more of that around here. :)