Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Favorite Finds

Welcome Friday! I'm ready for the weekend and I know y'all are too!!
I'm linking up with SnoWhite at Joy in my Kitchen for her weekly addition of Friday Favorite Finds where we share recipes we've been eyeing all week long and can't wait to try. Come link up and join the fun!

Here are the recipes I've been looking at:

from: A Season for All Things

from: Joy in my Kitchen

I'm going to combine these 2 recipes to come up with my own, at least that's the plan!

from: Annie's Eats
I've been looking for a starter for awhile and might finally take the plunge into the process, we'll see!

That's all I've got this week since we've been busy around here. Have a great weekend!


Carolyn said...

Looks like you got some yummy recipes!

My FBF hop is up again, hope you can link up again this week!
Flash Back Friday #11

SnoWhite said...

Hope you give the crockpot spaghetti sauce a try -- we made enough last fall to last us almost all winter (we froze it)! Can't wait to make more this year.

The Atwoods said...

Mmmm these sound good! :)