Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"No TV" update

About ten months ago I wrote a post on how I turned off the TV during the day. Since making that decision about a year ago we have continued to have the TV off in our home during the day. We do watch basketball and football games when they're on the weekends but that's usually the extent of our TV watching. We turn it on at night when the girls are in bed but sometimes even then it's not on for long. Turning the television off has truly been a blessing to us!

Because of that decision we have read dozens of books over and over again, we have put together countless puzzles, used imaginations, built tents and forts, played outside a lot more, had a healthier diet, talked more, sang and danced, cooked meals together and just had fun! My stress level is much lower and I'm able to get more done around our house. I feel more accomplished each day!

Nyla's language skills have exploded and continue to this day. We have full out conversations with one another and she knows a lot of words. At her 2-year well appointment she was about a year ahead in language skills and her knowledge of all her colors, shapes, etc. She knows what an octagon is and how many sides it has and that the stop sign is that shape! She is also very observant when we're in the car. She loves looking for Beetlebugs and cruisers (PT Cruisers), diggers, dump trucks, fire trucks, ambulances and so on. Yes, she may have learned those things if we kept the TV on all day but I'm very convinced that she wouldn't be where she is today if the TV stayed on.

Naomi was a newborn when I made the decision but I feel like she's ahead in language skills more than Nyla was at her age. She's babbling constantly and will "talk" to us all the time, something Nyla never did. I know they're different people and they'll develop differently but I feel it's because there's no television distracting her.

All-in-all we're glad to have made the decision to turn off the television. It's not for everyone and that's fine but it's definitely been a blessing in our lives. It also goes along with my goal of being intentional with my time. And that's a huge goal for me this year.

 Our girls are only this age for such a short period of time and if turning off the TV means more time to enjoy this age, then I will gladly do it. It's certainly not a sacrifice to me. It's a way of life!

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