Sunday, January 13, 2013

Menu Plan Monday-January 14

January 14-20

Monday- 30 minute rolls, honey butter, bacon and fruit

Tuesday- crispy southwest chicken wraps and salad

Wednesday- bbq chicken breasts (with my homemade bbq sauce), duchess potatoes (from my Cook's Country cookbook) and vegetables

Thursday- "the ham" (yes, we call it that), brown rice and vegetables

Friday- buckwheat pancakes, bacon and fruit (the pancakes are a mix Daniel's grandfather gave us for Christmas. He swears they're the best, we'll give it a try)

Saturday- Callie's soft chicken taco's (I made a bunch a couple months ago, so these are from the freezer)

Sunday- leftovers

As always, we'll be following this breakfast schedule and this lunch schedule. I've been following these breakfast and lunch menu's for a couple months now and I'm still happy with it. It's made life so much easier for us when it comes to meal time. I feel like we have plenty of variety and we can easily adjust if we have leftovers, which we typically do. It's all about simplifying where I can.

Also, if you're new to this menu planning thing, check out my tips for meal planning.

We may be having a couple from church over this weekend so I will end up moving some things around. I'm thinking I'll make Wednesday's meal for when they come over (either Friday or Saturday) and move that meal to Wednesday. It's all about being flexible when it comes to menu planning!

Do you have any tips or tricks for when you menu plan?

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