Friday, January 4, 2013

Five-Minute Friday: Opportunity



The opportunity to connect at our little church has been happening a lot the last few months.


That's one of the "buzz" words our church is sharing this year. We want to "connect, grow and live." For now I feel like I need to focus on connecting.

Connecting and opportunity go hand in hand. How many times a week do we have the opportunity to connect with those we see around us? Do we see the same mail carrier everyday but never say "hi" or "thank you?"

Every Sunday I have the opportunity to connect with new people, new faces. Unfortunately, I'm pretty terrible about going up to the visitors and telling them "hi."I want to get better at this. And the opportunity to do so is coming in a couple of days. :)

Our Sunday school class has a great opportunity to connect with our fellow classmates through fellowships, service and outreach projects and random get-together's with a few couples at a time. One of my spiritual gifts is hospitality and I plan on opening my home and being more hospitable this year. I have a great opportunity to do so.


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theunfinishedchild said...

Stopping in from FMF, alas, without the linky tool, I'm afraid many won't get to connect this week.

I loved your FMF and as a hospitality person, this connecting at your church will hopefully be right up your alley.
May God bless your efforts as it seems that connecting is so difficult these days... I'm not sure how big your church is, but ours feels like home, but with no permanent connections amongst the congregation.
We're alway trying to work on that though, but it's hard to draw people out just to have fun sometimes!
If you want to share your ideas with me as to what sorts of things you are doing, please do... I'd love to pitch a few new ideas out there (and hopefully have some progress!)
Have a great Friday!