Monday, March 12, 2012

TV=OFF in Our Home


We don't have cable or satellite, we have the free, over-the-air TV and we love it! We love it because it costs us nothing and we don't feel the need to watch it every night because there's not that much on anyways.

About 6 weeks ago I made the decision to keep the TV turned OFF all day while the girls and I are home. I was keeping it on just to have it on. Doesn't everyone do that? Well I decided I didn't want to anymore. Nyla has never been interested in watching it and I never wanted it become a babysitter anyways. So what if she follows me around all day? She helps with the laundry, dishes and some of the cooking and yes she's only 19 months. Is she in my way? Yes, sometimes. But most of the time I'm happy to have her there learning the day-to-day routine I have. And I'm teaching her chores early, which is a goal of ours anyways.

My favorite author, John Rosemond (a Christian psychologist), talks about the evils of TV (my words, not his) and how there's no such thing as a "kid's" show. Why? Because the shots change every 3 to 10 seconds which means their attention span is only for that long. "But my kid can watch TV for hours on end. Doesn't that mean he/she has a good attention span?" That is one of the questions he addresses. His answer in a nutshell, no, it doesn't mean they have a good attention span because the world doesn't change every 10 seconds. That's NOT real-life! When they go to school do they change subjects every 10 seconds? No they don't. So why subject them to that and teach them that when it's not real life? You can read more on this subject in his book, The {New} Six-Point Plan for Raising Happy, Healthy Children. I'm getting off topic, but he's a great reference!

Anyways, I decided to keep the TV off before I even read that book and then when I read it, it cemented what I wanted from each day with my girls. NO TV!!!

For the first 3 days it was a challenge which means I was a bit addicted. Again, I didn't watch particular things or whatever, I just had it on to have it on. Even Nyla would go up to it and say "on" those first few days. That was a wake-up call! I didn't think she was really watching it, but apparently she was. After those first three days I didn't have a hard time keeping it off anymore. And after a couple weeks Nyla quit asking to have it on. Thank goodness!

So here we are, about 6 six weeks later and the TV is still off all day. I lost 3 pounds in 5 weeks because I didn't find myself bored and wanting to snack while the TV was on. I am more productive during the days, I'm reading more and my girls are getting more attention from me. And all these things mean turning the TV OFF has been more than well-worth it!

My goal is to continue this. We watch Jeopardy in the afternoons sometimes. We watch Wheel of Fortune each night and an occasional show but all-in-all the TV stays off. If basketball is on we are usually watching that. We are sports fans in this house after all!

This is a goal I never even put on my 2012 goal list but it has quickly become a top priority. And I want to continue this for years to come. It works for us and who we are and what we want to do as a family.

What are some of your goals?

*The opinions on John Rosemond's book are my own. I was not contacted by him or his affiliates in any way.

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erin said...

I have never heard of John Rosemond, but I will have to put that book on my "to-read" list. I love the idea of not having the TV on during the day. I do try to be mindful of it when Char is around, but we do like having it on in the morning when we get ready since that's the only real time we hear any news. Good for you for changing your family's atmosphere for the better!