Saturday, February 27, 2010

Are you Cheap or Frugal?

Go to the link below and watch this video, if you haven't seen it already. And tell me, are you cheap or frugal?

After watching, please read on!

I am happy to say that I am frugal! (Well, most of the time).

In my opinion, and this video says it in so many words, if you're cheap you view money in a negative way and if you are frugal, you see saving your hard earned cash in a positive way, a way that will be useful to you and your family later in life.

Frugal: "I think of the future and want to be able to live a decent life later on." "I don't have a house, so I want to save to buy a house." "I've always had an older car and maybe I want something a little newer, something that won't cost me so much in repair bills." "I have kids and want to be able to send them to the school of their choice." "I go to a church and want to be able to give money to the budget needs of the church."

To me, this is frugal thinking.

Cheap: "I want a bigger house with more rooms, but no one here to occupy them. And I'm not willing to foster a child." "I want a brand new car every year, just because I can." "The kids, well they can take out student loans for school, pay their own way and deal with it themselves." "I go to church, but they don't need my money. I'm looking around, and all these other people probably give, why should I?"

In my opinion, this is cheap. It's negative thinking toward money. Very selfish. But haven't we all felt this? Don't we all think this at some point in our lives?

We spend what most would consider to be very little on groceries each month (only $160). But we spend this little amount because we want to have a house and we're starting a family and we want to give to our church. To me, our food intake is something we can control. We can't control our rent payment, car payment, student loans, etc., so we save money on groceries. I am very strict about meeting this each month. I literally jump up and down when I am under budget. Hubby laughs at me, but it's a big deal to me. I feel it's my responsibility to meet this goal each month. I am the meal planner, shopper and cook of the household, so I feel it's my duty, the one thing I can help control. And it's one less thing Hubby has to worry about.

I think we can all be stingy with our money sometimes. We are. I am. I'm a selfish human beings, who let's face it, thinks about myself too much. This is a struggle each day for me to get out of my box and think about others. I'm human after all. I'm home alone all day and doing my own thing. I live in my sweet little bubble, with a roof over my head, food in my stomach, a family who loves and supports me. I honestly don't have much to worry about. I live in a country of freedom and a very rich country at that. I don't have to worry about starving or a earthquake ruining my life because of all the gifts given to me. And if things did happen, I know there are so many friends and family who would be there to lend support.

But I know God is in control of my life and I give it all to Him. I give Him all my struggles of selfishness. He knows my heart. He knows how I can be. I'm thankful He's there to know all of this too. He's someone I can turn to in my time of need of selfishness. He puts me back on track when it's needed. And believe me, I need it!

So, what do you think, are you cheap or frugal?
No need to answer here, unless you want to.
It's a pretty personal question, more for you to reflect on and think about and pray about.

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