Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Hubby and I don't do anything big on Valentine's Day, we try and show our love everyday and not just 1 day a year. And we also don't like spending a bunch of money, but that is just us.

So we set a $5 budget to spend on one another this year. It was fun trying to think of ways to be really creative with only $5. But I was successful!

Hubby loves Coke. We don't keep them in the house and we don't budget for them in our groceries, it's just a huge expense that we don't feel is necessary. He does occasionally buy a Coke at work from the vending machine, usually on Friday's. He calls it "Coke Friday." It's a treat for him and that is totally fine, because it's not every week.

When I was thinking of what I wanted to get him, Cokes were the first thing to cross my mind. I wanted to buy him a 12 pack and make them in the shape of a heart on the counter, instead of just handing him a box of Cokes. It had been so long since I bought a 12 pack of cokes, I was hoping that with tax, they would be under $5. And thankfully, they were!
I got him a 12 pack, Caffeine free, Coke. And he loved it!

What do you do for your Valentine's Day?

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