Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fun at the Zoo!

We just LOVE the Memphis Zoo! My parents got us a membership for Christmas when I was pregnant with Nyla and we're so glad they keep renewing it for us each Christmas. I love the gift of experience! (As my friend Rachel says over at Frugal and Simple). We love it because it's clutter free, which is what we're trying to do around here, and I'd much rather my girls have a bunch of experiences in learning and developing than a bunch of toys that barely get played with. So far the toys are winning out, which is fairly common at this age, and because I'm not sure what other "experiences" to ask for as gifts. Suggestions?

Any who, we went to the zoo last Saturday morning and had a great time. Nyla is at the age where she wants to walk the ENTIRE time and point to everything and see everything. It's great, we love it! She rode in the stroller on the way into the park, a little in the park and back out to the car. She was wore out on the way home and promptly fell asleep, as did Naomi.

Here are some pictures from our big day!
(One day I'll get brave and go by myself with 2 babies, one day.)

This is Nyla's "bird face." And this is why her nickname is "Bird."

She's sitting in the rocking chair at the "Farm" having a snack. And pointing to who knows what.

A horse friend at the Farm.

Daddy and Ny checking out the tigers. The white tiger is Daddy's favorite.
We are thankful we got to the Zoo right around opening time. When we got finished around 11:30 is was PACKED! Since we have a membership we have the luxury of doing a few exhibits at a time instead of having to pack it all in in one day. Thankful for that.

What kinds of experiences do you want for your kids or what have you done for them?

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