Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dedicating Naomi

Our sweet Naomi got dedicated in church this past Sunday. It was such a sweet time being in front of our church dedicating her to our great God! We have the sweetest Pastor who married us and now has done the dedication for both our girls. It's still mind boggling that we have 2 girls! Here are some pictures of her big day!!
Mommy and Naomi

Daniel was holding Nyla but I had a necklace on so she wanted me, plus she was tired so I was holding both of them for a few minutes. That almost 50 pounds of sweet baby love right there!

We made the switch. :)

Ronnie is praying for our little family.

Our Preschool/Nursery Director, Kathy, saying a few words. So sweet!

I'm thankful Naomi did so well. I left Sunday School a little early to get Naomi dressed and she was NOT happy. She was overtired and needed a nap and she was screaming. I thought it was going to be the loudest baby dedication in the world. Thankfully when we got in there she was quiet and looked out at the congregation and just took it all in. As soon as it was over she was back to screaming. We greatly appreciate her 10 minute break to get dedicated!

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