Saturday, March 10, 2012

Simplify: Kids Clothes


It's been 19 months since our first sweet girl arrived and while we have loved every minute getting to know her we have NOT loved all the clothes we have accumulated with our now 2 baby girls.

I realized last summer that we had WAY more than our girls needed in the clothes department. Yes, Naomi will need the 18-month clothing that Nyla wore but she will not need as much as I have. Nyla wore about 20% of her wardrobe, just like us big people tend to do. When my mom brought over the 18-month clothes I got everything out and see what I had, see what I remembered liking on Nyla and see what she never wore. Let's just say we had a bigger pile of what she never wore and I didn't want all that staying in our house. I'm slowly minimizing our wardrobes and the girls are no different. I wash almost everyday so there's no reason to have 24 dresses, 12 pairs of shorts and 30 tops. Yes we really did have that much for Nyla and more!

When I went through their clothes I decided to not to keep what I didn't love and not have too many of one item. It's just not necessary. I have never sold any clothes to our local kid's consignment shop but decided to try it. So I went through all their clothes and filled up a large plastic tub of clothes and shoes. I hope to make a little money and get rid of clutter in the process. It's win-win all around!

Here's Nyla and Naomi's closet... it's packed! And this is only one side of their closet.

Here's the tub of clothing I'm taking to our local kid's consignment shop. I hope to make a decent amount of money on it. Whatever they don't want is going immediately to Goodwill and NOT back into our home. Can you see that it's packed?!?! I stuffed as much as I could in there. I hope I'll get some good money for some of it. :)

How often do you declutter?

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*Update: I took my full box of clothes to a local kid's shop (not the one I was thinking about when writing this post) and made $21 while getting rid of half the box! I had the choice of $30 in store credit but opted for the cash since I needed to buy a few extra groceries. I will be taking more clothes, shoes and toys back there!

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