Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pictures of my girl

Since I'm at a loss as to what I want to post, I'll just post some pictures of my sweet girl. :)

Making a mess with my tupperware. This is so typical. Nowadays it gets pushed out of the way and Dada picks it up when he gets home since it's not easy for me to bend over anymore. I am almost 34 weeks pregnant after all.

Yes we wear colanders on our head. She hands one to me and I wear it and then she wants it on her head. I'm so glad I get to experience all of this. I would hate if I had to miss it.

We went to Olive Garden a couple weeks ago and Nyla wanted to read the menu to us. She is so sweet.

No, that's not coffee it's how the kid water came that day. It was hilarious seeing her drink from it though. She does like to drink from big people cups and this was no different.

We are visiting my mom at her church, she works there part time, and there just happens to be a box on the floor, well Nyla will climb into it. She's goofy like that.

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