Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our House: After Pictures

Here are the "after" pictures of our house. You can follow the link here to see the "before" pictures. There are some pretty big changes, unfortunately it's hard to tell from pictures. But we, of course, saw a big difference and are so thankful for them!
I tried to do them in order of how I had them on the "before" picture blog. I hope that helps you envision the changes. :)

In the rock corner is where the giant fireplace used to live. When we moved in our entertainment center was in that corner and our couch and loveseat faced that area. Unfortunately, it was awkward and the loveseat didn't fit great. I was sitting there one day thinking about how I could make the room better. I thought I could move the table and chairs where they are now and move the couches around (you'll see what I did in another picture). And it worked. And I do love to rearrange so that was even better. Hubby actually helped me too because he thought it was a great idea. And we're very happy with the way it all turned out.

The kitchen. Don't mind the sweet girl at the bottom having her snack.
As you can hopefully see we lightened up the wall color and this past Spring redid the kitchen. We got new countertops, more shelving, I painted the cabinets (that was a chore!), got new hardware for the cabinets, new sink and new faucet. We also added an extension to the counterop. Over on the left, to the left of the window you can somewhat see some open shelving above and below the cabinet. This wasn't there before. It was just a giant hole. And the countertop ended as well. It was so awkward. When we moved in I had a bakers rack there and stored some stuff but it wasn't functional and I had hardly any counter space to roll out dough and do prep work for meals. When we were discussing new countertops my mom suggested extending the counter to the wall and adding shelving above and below. Genius! I have a place below to store my mixer, bread maker, crock pot, mixing bowls and my Fiesta serving pieces and above to store my cookbooks, knives, small oven, and some decorative pieces. And it's perfect. The extension added 2 to 3 feet of extra counter space which is great for such a small kitchen!

I didn't have a picture of the other side of the kitchen but here's one. It has our desk with our computer and our small table. The table and chairs were my Great-Grandmother's and we got them recovered with some cute, retro fabric that matches our curtain colors. It's round but has an extension and 4 chairs, though we only use 2 of them plus a different one for the messy girl. :)

Here's a shot of the entire den. Over in the far right corner is where the fireplace was. As you can see we lightened up the bottom half of the wall and it's SO much better. I feel like we have a separate living area and dining area and I love it. It makes our room feel so much bigger. Yes, it's odd to have 2 sets of tables and chairs so close together but we'll probably get rid of the ones in this room and make it a playroom or something. We'll see.

After of the sinks. We chose this look for both bathrooms, it was just easier. New countertops, new sink, faucet, mirror, light fixture, paint for the cabinets and hardware too. It's way better than the crap that was here before.

This is the hall bathroom. I love the black cabinets!

New tile in the master. Remember the gold? It went bye-bye! We chose a more brown tile with flecks of gold-ish. I like it and wish we had done it in the hall bath too.

The master bath sink area.

I didn't take a picture of the hallway in the "before" pictures but any suggestions on what to do here? I've found a picture on Pinterest that I like. It's of different color and size frames and it rotates kids artwork. That might be kind of fun. But I don't know. Suggestions are welcome!

Next I'll do before and after of our bedrooms and closets. The closets are surprisingly awesome for a 1970's house... they're all walk-in's. They helped sell us the house!


The Atwoods said...

So pretty Ginny! I love your rock wall and the black cabinets in the bathroom!! Y'all have done quite the work!

Daniel said...

Those paintings you see are $30 for 16x20" canvas... not that I'm trying to advertise.