Sunday, September 11, 2011

Menu Plan Monday-September 12

We are certainly making our way through September! Could this year go by any faster? Wow. I'm already starting to get Christmas gifts together for this year. I'm thinking gift baskets with a little of this and a little of that might be in order this year. But we'll see.
Here's what's cooking in the Gafford Home this week. I've got my one new recipe coming on Saturday and the rest are becoming go-to meals in our home and I like it. I'm continuing on the route of simplicity for me as the cook. I enjoy being in my kitchen but I just don't have time to do it all day plus I'm so tired when dinner rolls around.

Monday-Sept 12th
Smothered "Aussie" Chicken (a family favorite), rice and vegetables

Tuesday-Sept 13th
Your choice of sandwiches with homemade bread mmmmm

Wednesday-Sept 14th
Mexican Verde Casserole-leftovers from last month
This was a great hit in our home! It was easy to put together and I was able to easily split it into two 8-inch pans to serve one and freeze the other. I was also surprised at how much flavor it had since the recipe didn't call for any spices. But it's delish!

Thursday-Sept 15th
This bread was so simple to make and so tasty. We dipped it in olive oil and a seasoning we put in the olive oil, wow!

Friday-Sept 16th

Saturday-Sept 17th
Chicken and Pepper Pasta Bake {new recipe}

Sunday-Sept 18th

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