Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our House: Before Pictures

Here's our cute little house, or rather before it was cute. It was just a little house in these pictures. :) We did some major overhauling in the house and I'm thankful. I'm not sure I could've lived with such dark walls and ugly fixtures and weird sinks. I know, I know. I would've managed but I'm glad I didn't have to. And when we moved in it was all ready and nothing had to be done after the move which is nice. I can't imagine workers being all around our stuff.

Here are some before pictures, tomorrow I'll show you the after pictures. :)

This is "the Beast" of a fireplace. It was gas and unattractive so we got rid of it. If it was wood burning I would've considered keeping it to help heat our home. But don't you love the big rock detail? I sure do. It adds character in our home. See what we did in the after pictures to spruce this area up!

This is the kitchen. See the dark cedar around the window and above the cabinets? It seriously was so dark in these two rooms. We took down all the dusty blinds since Hubby and I don't do great with dust. My mom made curtains for all the windows and I keep them open pretty much all the time to let the light in.

Den and "the Beast" of a fireplace. And more dark paneling. Eek!
Thankfully the floors were in great shape in most places. The kitchen has nice tile, this laminate flooring and the carpet are all in great shape. The only floor we changed was the master bath. Gold tile didn't suit our tastes. :)

Hall bathroom sink, not horrible but not great either. We changed it for deeper sinks and a prettier faucet. All updates in both bathrooms included new sink, new faucet, new hardware on cabinets, plus paint on cabinets, new countertops, new mirrors and new lighting. We kept them similar but painted the cabinets different. Black in the hall bath which looks great and a mocha in the master bath which I could go a little darker eventually.

Gold tile in the master bathroom. Yikes! That was ripped up and changed into a prettier tile.

And the master bathroom sink. Isn't it awesome?! I didn't stay of course. :)
It really threw you when you first walked in. It just made me laugh. I'm sure lots of people are thrown by some of this stuff but it was the style back in the day and it can be changed. You just have to look past it and be open to new possibilities.
And the toilet paper holder and towel bar were replaced with a stainless steel and it's much nicer too.

Come back Thursday for the "after" pictures. Thankfully it looks much better now.