Monday, July 18, 2011

Nyla is 1 year old!

My birthday girl!

My sweet baby girl, also known as "Bird" in our house, turned 1 last Wednesday. Yes, I cried, not because I was unhappy, just thinking about all we've gone through in this past year. It's just hard to believe she's already 1 year old!

When I went to her room first thing in the morning on Wednesday I walked in and started singing "Happy Birthday" to her and immediately started crying. She looked at me like I was crazy, but I didn't care. Then my mom came over before work to see us and give Bird a card and I started crying again. I just love this girl so much, I can't help it!

Since Wednesday was her official birthday we went to the Pediatrician and we thought we were going for her 12 month well check-up but little did we know she ended up having another double ear infection and that's along with the 4 teeth she's getting at the same time! We ended up not doing her well check-up and will go back in 2 weeks for her real check-up, plus a recheck of her ears. My poor baby was sick on her birthday, no fun! Thankfully, she's a tough girl and showed no signs of being bothered by her ears, that's how I didn't know she had one this time around.

Now she's on a stronger medicine for her ear for the next 5 days or so. She's doing really well with it so I'm think we'll be starting the process of whole milk today or tomorrow. I hope she does well transitioning because we are ready to quit buying formula, at least until our next one comes. I'm leaving the bottle around for a bit and will take that away after we try whole milk for awhile. I'm so nervous about all this. We didn't do pacifiers, so we never had to wean from those so this is our first try at weaning from anything! Eek! I know she'll do great because she's pretty good at transitioning to new things.

I'll post pictures from her birthday party later. Not that I remembered to take all I wanted but I've got something from it. I'm so bad about getting caught up in the moment and not snapping pictures that I want. Oh well, I'll work on that! :)

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