Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Homemade Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

This an amazing ice cream recipe from Joy in my Kitchen. I am in love with her blog. Why? Because she makes their food from fresh ingredients just like I do in our house. And they're not too difficult. I've tried many of her foods and always love the new recipes she posts. I'm constantly printing off her recipes and putting in my recipe binder to try later. And they don't just sit in my binder I get around to trying them. I also love her dark chocolate ice cream recipe and her strawberry cheesecake ice cream recipe. And hubby loves just the plain ole vanilla ice cream. Yes, I have a thing for ice cream! :) Go to her blog, check out her recipe index. You won't be disappointed!

Without further ado the cookies and cream ice cream recipe!

Cookies & Cream Ice Cream-from Joy in my Kitchen

1 recipe vanilla ice cream, as follows:
3/4 cup sugar
16 oz half and half
8 oz whipping cream
2-4 tsp vanilla (depending on how vanilla you want it to taste)

1. Make sure your ice cream bowl is frozen, usually best overnight.
2. Mix all the ingredients together in a medium bowl until sugar is somewhat dissolved.
3. Pour mixture into your ice cream maker and follow the machine instructions.
4. Let the ice cream make for 30+ minutes, depending on the consistency you like and however long it takes the ice cream to come together.
5. Serve immediately as a soft serve or put in a freezer safe bowl for about 2 hours for a hard scoop ice cream.

Cookies & cream variation:
12-14 chopped/crushed oreo cookies
Add these after about 15 minutes of your vanilla ice cream making, just when the ice cream is starting to come together. Continue making 10-15 minutes until ice cream comes together. Serve immediately as a soft serve or freeze about 2 hours for a hard scoop consistency.

Note: My ice cream did turn a gray color from the cookies, but it of course didn't change the delicious taste of it. This ice cream is so much better than the store-bought version! Enjoy!

The Verdict: My sister raved about this and said it was better than the store bought! It's been awhile since I've made this and have to say I'm not craving it. It is a tasty tasty ice cream treat. And right now with all these heat we could all use something good to cool us down.

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