Wednesday, July 20, 2011

First bounty from my first ever garden!

3 bell peppers and 9 jalapeno peppers

This is our first full summer in our house and I have had big plans for a garden ever since we put an offer in last year. I wanted to start one last year but would've had no time with a new baby at home. This was the year to try!

For this years trial run I bought 4 tomato plants, 2 green bell pepper plants and 4 jalapeno plants. I planted them in big pots this year wanting to make sure I liked it before I put more money into building homes for them or tearing up my yard to make a garden. And I do like it!
I love seeing them grow from such a small plant to towering plants producing vegetables. I kept telling my husband and I mom, "If I get just one vegetable from each plant this year, I'll be happy." So far, I've gotten more than that from my bell pepper and jalapeno. The tomatoes are taking longer to produce, but I've got a few small tomatoes on a couple of the plants. And the plants themselves look healthy, I feel like they're in a good place so far.

As of right now I'd say I'll be doing another garden next year and may even expand what I plant and grow. Any suggestions on what I should have in my garden next year? What do you garden?

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