Sunday, November 18, 2012

Surviving the Stomach Sickness Successfully

(Alliteration is fun, ain't it?)

In any event, we have had an adventurous time the last week and a half in our house. It all began last Wednesday night, when we heard our dear Nyla whimpering at about 8:30pm, after having been asleep since 7:00. When Ginny walked in, the smell was undeniable - she had gotten sick. Change of clothes. Change of sheets. Some lovin'. Back in bed. 15 minutes later, yep, again. Another 20 minutes later, well, you get the idea. Thankfully, three times was it for her, and we thought that maybe she had just eaten too much for dinner that night...

(Cut to scene Saturday night.) At 11:30, I hear our dear, sweet Naomi crying in her crib. Being the first one to hear her, I walked in her, and, much like Ginny Wednesday night, was greeted by the smell. That began a night where she got sick about every 30 minutes. The only way she could comfortably sleep and not gag herself was to lay on one of us in her rocker. Ginny handled the first shift for an hour and a half. I handled the 2:30am to 5:00am shift. Fortunately, she seemed to be doing as well as she could, only throwing up on me twice.

(Cut to scene Monday night.) My stomach had not felt that great all day Monday, but I chalked it up to a lack of sleep over the weekend and golf on Sunday afternoon (on 2 hours of sleep... it was my first full 18 holes of the year... I couldn't pass up the chance). That evening, while Ginny and Nyla lovingly ran to get me some Sprite, yep, you guessed it. Our daughters passed their fun onto me. Thankfully, by Tuesday afternoon, I was feeling better. Even more thankfully, Ginny never got it.

I don't have some 3- or 5-step list to surviving, but merely to share this thought - When Naomi was laying on me Saturday night/Sunday morning, the only thing she wanted was comfort and snuggles. What mattered more to her than getting sick was getting snuggled. She buried her head into my chest and fell right asleep. As for me, I didn't really care if I got thrown up on (which I did). I just wanted my girl to be comfortable. We parents will go to great lengths to take care of kids, won't we?


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