Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Advent Crafts

Tis the season of decorations, family activities, gifts and so much more.

Around here we are beginning to come into our own traditions with our girls. Now that Nyla is two she's becoming more interested in Christmas trees, lights and the season itself. We've begun talking about baby Jesus and what He means to this season. I'm so excited to enter into this stage with her. I love crafting and haven't had much time for it but now she's really into it. She wakes up some days and says, "I need to do something." As in, she needs to do a craft. It's very funny that she loves diving into new things like that. I'm having the best time looking for fun things to engage her mind and motor skills. She's getting good with glitter glue, I'll tell you that!

Since Nyla is only two this Christmas and Naomi is only one we can still keep things minimal, but special, around here. I've been chatting with a friend I went to high school with about Advent crafts. She has a 4-year old boy (and another boy who's under 1) whom she's been doing fun, crafty things with for the last couple of years. A couple weeks ago she posted on Facebook that she was getting her list together for Advent activities for her boys and I commented that I'd love to see her list. I was looking for some ideas and a little structure on the holiday season. I want to do more with Nyla but I like to have some sort of guide to help lead me. Her list was exactly what I needed to help get me started! Thanks Kim!

As soon as I got her email I printed off what she had and began taking away and adding what I wanted, to personalize it for Nyla's needs. And wouldn't you know she had a Pinterest board specifically for the Advent crafts she wanted to do?! I loved I was able to pop over and see what she had and see if some of them would work for us. And some of them did.

My next order of business was to complete my list and get everything typed up for our Advent crafts. I started with Dec 1st and ended with Dec 25th. Not everyday includes a craft. Some days include going to look at Christmas lights in our jammies, baking for volunteers and neighbors, cleaning out toys to prepare for new ones, etc. Once it gets closer to Christmas and we have places to go and family to spend time with, that becomes the "to-do" of the day. I tried to make everything fit into our two year olds needs but I know that some days won't be a hit and that's okay. I'm not looking for perfection, I'm looking for extra opportunities to talk about Jesus and what this season means to us as Christians.

Here is a link to my plans for Advent crafts. If you scroll down the page a little you can follow me on Pinterest and see my "Christmas Crafts" board to see what we'll be doing this year and maybe just give you some ideas. I hope you find inspiration for making this Christmas season special for your little one(s).

Do you do anything special events or activities with your little one(s) during the Christmas season?

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