Sunday, November 11, 2012

Menu Plan-November 12

November 12-18

Hi y'all! I haven't shared my menu in a few weeks so I figured I would. I've still been planning I just haven't told you about it. :) We've been sticking to the plan of plan one week and eat it for two weeks in a row. But I think I'm tired of that. Each week goes by so quick and I feel like we're eating the same things all the time. So I think I'll stick to the idea of plan once and eat twice here and there but plan different things in between so I don't get burned out on spaghetti and jambalaya because I definitely am!

Monday- smothered "aussie" chicken, brown rice, vegetable

Tuesday- lasagna and homemade breadsticks

Wednesday- Thanksgiving at church (I'm bringing a corn casserole {new} and a chocolate chip pie)

Thursday- penne alla vodka with italian sausage

Friday- bbq chicken pizza

Saturday- Callie's chicken soft taco's {new}

Sunday- pepperoni pizza

Have y'all tried anything new I need to check out? I'm looking for some new recipes!

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SnoWhite said...

Enjoy the breadsticks -- and we LOVE that chicken.