Monday, March 22, 2010

Multi-Colored Cupcakes

These cupcakes were fun to make!
Our kids had a church lock-in last Friday and the Director asked for junk food for the kids, since they'll be there 12 hours. Yikes!
So I wanted to make something fun for the kids to bite in to.
I mixed the cupcake batter up as stated on the instructions from the box, then split it up evenly between four bowls. I then added a different color food coloring to each bowl. For this time I added red, yellow, blue and green. I did use a yellow cake mix, but I know the white cake mix would hold true to the colors better, just fyi.
Then I mixed them up well, added more color if needed and began the next steps.
I sprayed my cupcake tins with non-stick spray, then 2 tsp-1 Tbsp at a time of colored batter. I think I did red, then yellow, then blue, then green. I did not stir them around, for fear of it turning into a brown blob mess. Yuck!
I let each layer settle before adding the next. It did not cover the layer before but that was okay with me. This is better than getting brown goop once it all baked!
After I filled them all, let them settle for a few minutes I baked them as directed.
I then let them cool completely before icing them.
Now, I'm a homemade icing kind of girl, but for kids, not so much. I knew the kids might only eat half the cupcake so I wasn't going to waste my good icing on them. I just bought a canned, white icing (that's what the kids usually go for) and topped each cupcake with that. Then I placed a few colorful sprinkles on top to make them more enticing, like that is needed. haha

Here's my finished product!

Cute right?
I think this is 2 bites in because I couldn't see the green at first. It's how the colors positioned themselves in the cupcake tin. I think it's rather fun and springy. I may have to make these again for the Easter Egg Hunt in a few weeks! What a great spring treat to bite into!

I hope the kids enjoyed them!


Go East Memphis Mama said...

Cute! I need to try that!

cookies and cups said...

Those are so cute! I still have never done a rainbow cupcake...these are perfect for spring :)