Sunday, March 21, 2010

Menu Plan Monday #27

March 22nd- March 28th:

Monday, March 22nd:

Tuesday, March 23rd: Happy Birthday to my Dad!!!

Wednesday, March 24th:
Grilled Chicken Roller-Oh so delicious and easy!

Thursday, March 25th:
Saucy Pepper Steak-I love this one, b/c I love the roasted bell peppers!
Then, I'm going to see the musical, South Pacific at the Orpheum with my mom and my sister!

Friday, March 26th:

Saturday, March 27th:
Birthday Party for my dad! No idea what we'll have. He loves to grill so whatever he wants to fix, plus sides and dessert made by my mom and me.

Sunday, March 28th: Palm Sunday/Happy Birthday to my good friend Laura!
Lunch at friend's house for Easter (we celebrate early since we all have other family and friends to see the weekend/day of Easter)
Cook's Day of Rest

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