Thursday, June 6, 2013

To Grammy's House We Go

Two days after we got home from our weekend getaway I packed my bags again and traveled to Griffin, Georgia with my mom and the girls. My grandmother (my mom's mom) lives there and the girls just love her. I'm so glad we're able to pack up our stuff and travel to see her. And I'm thankful that the girls are great travelers. They have their fussy moments, as we all do, but all-in-all they do great and they did great!

I'm possibly the worst picture taker of all time and didn't get a single picture of the girls with Grammy. I know I'll kick myself later for that one. One of these days I'll get good at it. Well, maybe. I did take a few pictures of our trip, though. 

At Chick-fil-a for lunch on Tuesday. I traded in the kids book for an ice cream cone. :)
Nyla loves it!

So does Naomi!

Naomi loves playing peekaboo with her blanket. She starts it on her own and it cracks me up every time.

We played this a few times. Thankfully, it's not as annoying as the Sesame Street CD we have. This is a great CD and the girls are great at singing along and knowing what songs come next. 

The girls enjoying Grammy's swing. This swing belonged to my great-grandparents and still looks great. The girls wanted to swing constantly.

My mom and the girls enjoying the swing.

Sitting in Grammy's chair.

My sweet girls!

Thanks to Grammy for hosting us! I know she loves having us and loves watching us leave! ;) The girls are busy, busy and I know they can be exhausting.

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