Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 1 Progress

Last week I let y'all in on my want and need to change my lifestyle (see post here) using Spark People. I am happy to report that week 1 went well!

Here are my goals and my progress:

1. Track food in SP 7 days a week--Completed! I originally thought I'd only track 5 days a week (M-F) but I decided 7 days is better, that way I can see my weaknesses and make better decisions throughout the day. 

2. Lose 2 pounds a week--Completed! I lost 4 pounds!! This won't be an every week thing. I always start out losing big numbers since I'm making an immediate change in watching my calories and getting exercise.

3. Go on a 20 minute walk/jog Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday to jump start my metabolism and get a feel for getting back into my workout routine.--Monday-Wednesday was a success. My jogging stroller tire was a little low so I pumped it up on Wednesday after our walk and it popped, boo! I have to get a new one so Friday morning I couldn't go walk. BUT, Friday night I went for a 2 mile run and walked very little! I've been keeping my hand or foot in running (see what I did there? :) ) since training for a 5k last year. I took it slow and easy and wanted to get 2 miles in and I did!

4. Do Taebo, Core Secrets or Run/Walk 4 times a week--Fail! I have decided I'm going to do my morning walks, run on the weekends and focus on eating for a few weeks. I struggle with my eating habits and I feel like I need to get them under control and work my way into a good workout routine. 

5. Measure and weigh everything I eat--Completed! I LOVE our kitchen scale. We bought it at Bed, Bath and Beyond back when we started our weight-loss journey in 2009 and it is still the most valuable piece of equipment in our kitchen! It's really helpful to see how much I've been overeating. And our food is lasting longer because I'm weighing everything and eating the suggested serving. It's win-win!!

Other notes from the week:
You can see in goal number 1 that I originally decided to only track my food 5 days a week. I'm glad I changed my mind and am tracking everyday. On Saturday we went to Wendy's and I did not decide ahead of time what I would have (that won't happen again). I ordered from the value menu and got a double cheeseburger and a small fry. I input my food after the fact and was very surprised at how many calories I consumed! I thought the smaller portions would be less but it wasn't as less as I hoped it would be! I knew I couldn't have much the rest of the day if I wanted to stay within range of my calorie goal. I do cut myself some slack on the weekends and didn't plan on staying within my given calorie range but I also didn't want to absolutely blow my week of hard work. That night we went to McAlister's for dinner and they had a "lite" menu so I ordered from that. Instead of eating 700 calories, I ate 500 calories. Five hundred calories is still a lot for one meal but I was proud of myself for making the decision to eat a little less. This immediately made me glad that I track my food 7 days a week so I can adjust on the weekends, as needed. Since I went a little crazy on Saturday I took it easy on Sunday. It's all about giving yourself some grace, as it's a lifestyle change and not a "diet." I know I'll have mess up days and mess up meals but it's about making a better decision the next meal or the next day. I also will look up the online menu of any place we plan to eat and plan what I'll have. This will help me not be tempted to eat too much. I want to make smart decisions!

What good eating decisions have you made lately?

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SparingChange said...

You are rockin' it, Ginny! I'm so proud of you!!