Thursday, May 30, 2013

5-Year Anniversary Getaway!

Last weekend Daniel and I traveled to Heber Springs, Arkansas for our 5-year anniversary trip and a much needed kid-free (long) weekend. We are extremely blessed to have our parents in town to watch our girls while we take a break from being parents. 

We stayed in a super cute Bed and Breakfast called The Abbe House Inn. Daniel found it online while we were deciding where to go a few months ago. We originally wanted to go to Hot Springs and stay in a Bed and Breakfast but they were really high in price. He shopped around (love my frugal man) and found The Abbe House. We couldn't have been more pleased with our stay there. We stayed Thursday night through Sunday morning. The family that owns the inn were very friendly! We had a yummy breakfast each morning and one of the owners is a chef and if you let him know ahead of time and he's available, he'll cook dinner for you. We asked him if he'd cook for us Saturday night and he did. If you're looking for a quiet place to travel, a little sight seeing, some hiking and good food, head to Heber Springs and stay at The Abbe House. We highly suggest it!

We took quite a few pictures, I hope you enjoy them!

We ate at Chuck's Diner our first night (we consulted Trip Advisor for restaurants) and it was our favorite place!
We both had steak and fries and splurged all weekend and got dessert each night. 

Deep fried cheesecake with cherry topping (from Chuck's Diner). This dessert was amazing!

We hiked each morning in Heber Springs. Since it's close to Greers Ferry Lake there are quite a few trails to hike and if you like fishing, there's plenty of that too. Here are some pictures of our hikes.
Greers Ferry Dam

Collins Creek
This was our favorite trail! It was beautiful trail, an easy walk and fresh spring water along the way.
This is also my favorite picture. I think I took this before we even started our hike.

The next few pictures are continued from Collins Creek.

Here's a picture of the inn we stayed in. There's a couple larger suites downstairs with porch access but most of the rooms are on the second floor. One of the owners and his wife live on the third floor.

On Saturday we hiked Sugarloaf Mountain. They had 3 available trails to hike and we decided to do all three. The first one was up the mountainside and it was fairly steep. Thankfully, it wasn't too long. The next two were a longer but much easier to walk. The other two also had a hidden lake that was pretty.

Up Sugarloaf Mountain

Hidden Lake

While we enjoyed some nice hikes we also splurged and got cupcakes Friday and Saturday afternoon. There was a local shop that had all kind of goodies and a little cupcake shop inside. Oh man, it was so good! We are glad we stopped in Friday and went back Saturday. It was so worth it. We had a vanilla, chocolate "mess," strawberry lemonade, and a chocolate peanut butter. They were great!

Strawberry Lemonade

Chocolate Peanut Butter
Well, that's our trip! We had a restful weekend and surprisingly talked very little about our children. It was a much needed getaway and we're thankful we could get away.


SparingChange said...

Oh, I love anniversary get-aways! It looks like you both had a great time. The picture of Collins Creek is incredible. Thank you for sharing with us!

Ginny Gafford said...

This was our first anniversary get-away. We just have never gone on vacation for it. I'm thinking it'll be a yearly thing for us. :)
Thanks for the sweet comments. I loved that I got some good pictures of our hikes. It makes for good memories!