Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Day Gift (Craft)

As we all know, hopefully that is, Sunday is Mother's Day. Since our mother's don't need anything but love anything from the girls, I decided to make a craft for them. It took me less than 10 minutes to do three of these and the girls cooperated really well.

Gather your supplies:
construction paper or a heavier weight paper
paint (I used acrylic b/c I had it and it washes easily)
paint brushes (foam and a small brush)
paper plate(s)
sharpie marker
document frame from the Dollar Tree (holds an 8.5 x 11 paper)
wet washcloth and a nearby sink for quick and easy cleanup

Ready, set, go:
Squirt some paint on a paper plate. (I used purple for Naomi and pink for Nyla, the flowers that is)
Using paint brush, paint your child's hand and press firmly onto paper. Repeat process if doing more than one picture. We did one hand at a time and one foot at a time.  I kept Naomi in her booster seat while I worked with Nyla.
After completing the hand and foot prints, run to the sink and wash hands and feet quickly. I kept a wet washcloth to wipe off the feet until we could get to the kitchen sink. 
Using a smaller paint brush I painted on the stem of the flower, creating the handprint flower and footprint leaves look. 
Let dry overnight. (Acrylic paint dries quickly but I didn't want it sticking to the inside of the glass is it wasn't completely dry).
Write a note on the paper in a sharpie pen, if desired. Make sure and date it!
Once dry, frame it!
Enjoy seeing the smiles on the mother's or grandmother's face. :)
Happy Mother's Day!

Shhh... don't tell I did these because our mom's haven't gotten them yet. ;)

One of the finished products: Naomi's hand and foot is on the left and Nyla's is on the right.
It's hard to tell who is who, they're about the same size!
I did make one for myself. :)

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