Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gratituesday: To the Zoo

I love having the Memphis Zoo 20 minutes from our home. We're able to pop over there for a couple hours each week, when it's nice, and spend some time seeing and talking about the animals. It's homeschool at it's best! We can see, hear, touch and discuss what we see. 

I love that my parents have continued to buy us a membership each Christmas. This "gift of experience" continues to give and give with each visit. I love seeing the girls grow and learn more about the animals each time. They love it there as much as I do. 

Enjoy some pictures from our visit today!

Nyla pet a sheep. Our sweet Nyla isn't one to try new things, though we encourage her often to do so.
She really surprised me today when she said she wanted to and then actually did.

Naomi's favorite animal right now is the Panda or "pana" as she calls it. 

Nyla still loves the zebra's. 

One of Nyla's favorites is Maliki the giraffe. Maliki was born in January and we're seeing her grow up. It's awesome.
Maliki is Nyla's "friend" according to Nyla. She's so sweet.

I just had to have a picture of her with her face in the hole. Naomi wanted to but she's a little too short. :)

Nyla first stood in front then I showed her how to stick her face in the hole so she could be a giraffe.

"Flaminingoes" as the girls call them.

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