Monday, May 13, 2013

I forget how much i love dollar tree

I always forget how much I love the Dollar Tree! I go months and months not stepping into the place then think I need a couple things from there, go and realize how much I love it. 

Yes, some of it is junky. But I'm not talking about that stuff. I'm talking gift bags, craft items and even sunglasses.

I popped in there last week to pick up a frame to frame a craft the girls made for Mother's Day. I knew they'd have the frame I'd need and for only $1, of course. But then I started cruising the aisles. I'd forgotten how great some of their stuff could be. It's hit or miss, for sure, but you can find some great stuff and at a great price. 

Here's the loot I came home with:
2 pack of white glue for crafting (usually $2 at other places)
2- 8.5x11 inch frames (for the girls craft to their "Cookie" and "Gigi" for Mother's Day)
1-5x7 frame for our wedding invitation (I've only wanted to frame it and hang it in our room for 5 years)
20 pack of foam for crafting
2-24 pack cupcake tins with cute little American flags (I'm forever baking and taking it with me somewhere)
2 reusable shopping bags to put our Mother's Day gifts in
2 Mother's Day cards that are super cute (they'd be $3.50 anywhere else)
1 pair of sunglasses (I'm forever losing or breaking mine, why pay more than a buck for them?)

I came home with more than I wanted. But a lot of it is leaving our home and the others will be used by the girls to make their craft items. And the sunglasses stay in the car. So there you have it!

Have you checked out a local Dollar Tree or other dollar store lately?

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