Saturday, August 25, 2012

Blessing Others... With Food

I love to cook, bake, meal plan and, of course, eat.

I love the seeing all the ingredients separate on the counter; the different colors, textures and smells all appeal to my senses. And then I get to chop it all up? I really do love that! And by the end of it, it's a complete meal. We sit at the table as a family and enjoy the food we've been blessed with. I just love the whole process of food preparation.

A couple weeks ago our next door neighbor fell and broke her leg. We didn't know what happened at the time but Daniel saw an ambulance at her house and then her in it. A few days later I was menu planning and shopping for our next two weeks and felt like I needed to take her a meal and I wanted to. I wanted to make a few lasagna's for the freezer so I decided to make her one too. It's just as easy to triple a recipe as it is to double and I get just as many pots and pans dirty. Why not bless someone with a meal? Nyla and I took the lasagna and a loaf of homemade french bread over last Friday and it was appreciated. She thanked us and thanked us and we were on our way, not only having blessed someone but feeling blessed in return.

I'll tell you, though, it wasn't easy for me to ring her door bell. I'm a fairly shy girl especially when I don't know someone and I barely know our neighbor. We wave and say hello in passing and had a few quick conversations but nothing more than that. It was easy for me to cook the lasagna and bread but it wasn't so easy for me to get up and take it to her. I contemplated not taking it at all. But I did. I took Nyla with me and that honestly helped me feel comfortable. Why a 2-year old helped me feel comfortable I'll never know but it really did help. 

And lately I've felt called to share our food. We have SO much and we're so thankful, why not share the abundance we've been blessed with? And that's why I wanted to share a lasagna. Since I love to cook it's easy to pass on a loaf of bread or an extra lasagna. I love seeing people's surprised looks when I bring in a treat for them. I love blessing others... with food.


Kimmie said...

I am sure she was so blessed. I am thankful for you sharing your shy edge..unthinking I might have some of the same.
nice to meet you...btw...I love Jesus too!

mama to 8
One homemade and 7 adopted

Kimmie said...

Oops...not unthinking...whatever that means lol
Guess my Kindle decided to edit for me.

Mama to 8
One homemade and 7 adopter