Sunday, June 17, 2012

Menu Plan-June 17

June 17-June 23

Happy Father's Day to all you sweet daddies this year!
I'm thankful for my sweet daddy who has been a loving, encouraging and positive role model all my life and continues to be in my adult years.
Secondly, I'm thankful for my husband and the sweet daddy he is to our girls. He loves them unconditionally and is so much fun with them, he's a great sport!
Thirdly, I'm thankful for Daniel's daddy who is in heaven now, but I know (from everything I've heard) that he was a very loving person as well and that Daniel is a lot like him. I'm thankful for who he was to his wife and sons for the years they had him here.

Our June challenge of no eating out is going great. We haven't eaten out once on our dime. We went to Olive Garden a couple weeks ago and used a gift card and had a few fast food meals but our families bought so it doesn't count!

I went grocery shopping on Friday and blew the budget wide open! It wasn't pretty but we have to eat and since we're not eating out we have a little more money to go toward the budget. It's hard when our toddler doesn't eat a lot of what we're eating and when I'm making baby food. Making baby food is a lot cheaper than buying pre-packaged food but it still costs to make. I can't wait until they're eating what we're eating!!

Sunday- french bread pizza (lunch); bbq chicken nacho's (dinner)

Monday- chicken casserole with a kick {new}-5 ingredients!

Tuesday- spasagna (leftovers from the freezer)

Wednesday- parmesan chicken tenders, potato fries, veggies

Thursday- layered enchilada bake, with homemade flour tortillas

Friday- toast, bacon and eggs

Saturday- we have a wedding at 3 and food will be served so we'll have an early dinner there

What's cooking in your kitchen?

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